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Can I Give Fleas to My Dog?

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It is not a tough question to answer.There is a slight possibility that your dog can get fleas from you. You would have to walk by a flea-infested area, or through it. Then the fleas would have to jump onto your clothing or skin. After that, you take those same fleas home with you.

When that happens, those fleas can spread to your carpet, your bedding, and your dog through indirect means. So, yes, you can give fleas to your dog. Keep reading to find out where else your dog can pick up fleas.

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Can Dogs Get Fleas at Home?

Yes, they can as fleas do invade homes through a variety of methods. The flea likes cool, moist, and dark places so those would be the first areas to check before your dog explores them.

Also, you may bring home fleas without realizing it as those tiny creatures are hard to see and can latch onto your clothing with ease. Once you take your clothes off, those fleas can travel to your bedding or carpets depending on where you lay your clothing.

There are other ways fleas can get into your home which means that you have to take some serious anti-flea action to stop that infestation from taking place. You can use natural remedies including vacuuming to rid your home of those pesky fleas or you can use commercial products that do it much faster.

It is your home and your choice on how to get rid of those fleas that invade your private residence.

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Can Dogs Get Fleas from Cats?

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The bad news here is yes, they can. The reason they can is that the flea is not picky about their host. As long as it has a blood supply, the flea will build a home on that person or animal.

What is more bad news is that the most common flea species is the cat flea. There are more of those creatures than there are dog fleas. This means that if your dog is suffering from flea bites, etc., the most likely culprit will be the cat flea.

The good news is that all the remedies we have talked about in this series on fleas will work on cat fleas, even if they are on your dog. That means you have lots of opportunities to kill those fleas before they become a big problem or spread any disease germs.

Can Dogs Get Fleas from Squirrels?

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This is not an article with a lot of good news in it. Yes, your dog can get fleas from squirrels. Since fleas are not host-specific, they will leap off one wild animal onto the grass, etc., and when your dog walks by, they will leap onto him or her.

Your dog can be the only dog or cat that uses your yard, but it is not immune from getting fleas. Those wild squirrels, deer, rats, and other animals may also frequent your yard and leave their guests behind.

To protect your dog when they are using the yard, you may have to give them an edible flea remedy so that their protection is more than just a collar. Collars do not stop fleas from jumping onto your dog, but they will kill them once they are there.

Use more than one remedy to make sure your pet has a fighting chance against fleas.

Can Dogs Get Fleas from Groomers?

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It is a possibility that this situation will take place. But with the groomer’s knowledge of fleas and all the products they have to fight an infestation, it may be a rare occurrence.

The groomer may be protected from fleas but there is always the chance that the fleas will be brought into the shop by another less protected dog. If the groomer uses cages and places your pet inside a cage that has not been cleaned or the bedding washed, then chances are fleas will be there and get on your pet.

But your pet is in the right place as they will get a bath and be given anti-flea remedies so that the fleas will not make it home with your dog. It is hard to stop them from jumping on your pets, but you can get rid of fleas quickly once they do by using the right remedies.

Some Final Words

Couple hugging their golden retriever.

It is impossible to stop fleas from jumping onto your dog or cat. These creatures can be found just about anywhere. The key to stopping them is to make sure you are using the right remedies.

Flea collars, edibles, baths, and even a comb can get rid of fleas before they lay their eggs and make the problem worse. Choose the right option for your home and pets.

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