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What Kills Flea Eggs on Dogs?

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The Fight Isn’t Just with Fleas

When your dog starts to scratch more than he or she should, the fleas you can see are just the start of the problem. You do not know how many eggs the flea has laid before you remove them from your pet’s body.

Unfortunately, flea eggs are very hard to see, and they can roll off your pet’s body just about anywhere in your home. To learn what kills flea eggs, just continue to read our article. It has that information so you can apply better defenses against fleas.

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How Do I Get Rid of Flea Eggs on My Dog?

Baking soda in a wooden bowl on a wooden table with a wooden spoon

There are several ways to do this task. Because flea eggs are not sticky nor designed to stay on a dog’s body, even a nice game of fetch, tug of war, and other good games can get rid of those eggs.

However, to stop those eggs from spreading and hatching, you can sprinkle some baking soda on your pet. This cooking ingredient will dehydrate those eggs and kill them for you.

A flea collar will help as it will destroy the female fleas before they can lay too many eggs. Or you can give your pet a nice hot bath. Fleas hate the heat, and that hot water should kill the eggs on contact.

Then you can try vinegar and water or lemon juice and water to get rid of those eggs. You have a lot of remedies to use to protect your dog from flea eggs.

What Kills Flea Eggs Instantly?

Jack Russell terrier resting in a grey dog bed in a living room

It depends where you find those eggs. If they are in your dog’s bed, you just need to wash his or her bedding in hot water and mild soap. Or you can use boric acid and sprinkle it around where you have found those eggs.

Unfortunately, this option is only good for newly laid eggs. Borax will help kill the eggs and any larvae around, but it may be slow to work. Just like salt and baking soda are slow. They need about 24 hours to get the job done right.

Finally, you can vacuum your bedding, carpets, and floors to get rid of flea eggs. This is almost a foolproof method, but some fleas and eggs do survive. That means you should toss the vacuum bag outside in the trash to get rid of any that lived.

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What Will Kill Flea Eggs and Larvae?

Illustration of the life cycle of a flea

When it comes to killing these two parts of a flea cycle, you should turn to those commercial products that use chemicals. These products are very thorough in their work, and they can kill eggs and larvae very quickly.

They also do not cost a lot of money and if they do, you still do not need a lot to do the job. Or you can forgo these products and go right for the bleach. When applied correctly, bleach will kill both stages of the flea’s life including the adult flea laying those eggs.

Foggers are good as those products get right down into the thick of your carpet and in those special hiding places that fleas like to go to avoid other poisons. The only thing is foggers can harm the health of your pet and your family if you are not careful. Make sure to follow the instructions correctly.

How Do You Keep Flea Eggs from Hatching?

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The only sure-fire way of doing this is to kill them before they hatch. This is not an easy task to perform simply because these eggs roll off a dog’s body and can go just about anywhere.

The only effective method of killing these eggs before they hatch would be to use a fogger. You can try to use your vacuum cleaner and it too is very effective. Except that it does not always get to those corners or deep spots eggs like to roll into.

If the eggs are only in your bedding and carpets, then vacuuming is the best option. You can always wash your clothes if you can find any eggs on them. Sprinkling salt or baking soda is good but these two products are limited in their reach.

Most likely, they will not reach every spot where the eggs are.

Some Final Words

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Killing flea eggs and larvae should be done at the same time as you try to kill fleas. Getting all stages of their life before they become a problem is the best answer to this situation.

Check out the different remedies to see which ones will kill all three and use them. Sometimes you may have to use more than one remedy due to where fleas like to hide.

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