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Do Dog Fleas Bite Humans?

Single flea on human skin

Believe it or not, there are over 2000 different flea species. And all of them do not like to live on humans. But that does not mean that they do not regard humans as a non-snack source. Fleas can get everywhere including your mattress and bedding, so it pays to keep your home nice and clean.

When they do, they can jump on you and cause you a little misery. Whether they bite humans or not, you will have to continue reading to get that answer. Take a few minutes and find out more about fleas and their relationship with humans.

Do Animal Fleas Bite Humans?

Yes, animal fleas can and do bite humans. While fleas cannot or do not like to live on humans, they will take the time to jump from your dog or cat and give you a bite or two. Blood is blood but thankfully, humans are not their preferred snack source.

You will know that you have been bitten when you see a small straight line of little red dots along your vein These little red dots may have a little redness and a light halo surrounding them as well.

The good news is that these bites remain small and do not expand like mosquito bites expand. The best thing to do when you see those little red dots is not to scratch them. Instead, put some ointment on them so the itch and redness disappear.

The reason why you do not want to be bitten by fleas is that one, you may be allergic to those bites and you will get a reaction. Two, you may get a germ or bacteria particle that may make you sick. Fleas are known for carrying germs and spreading disease.

Do Pet Fleas Bite Humans?

Long haired dog with a kitten sitting on its head

Yes, they can. You can get fleas from your pet when you do not take the right steps to protect your home and your dog or cat. Fleas will jump onto humans, and they will take a bite out of you. The most you will feel is a tiny bit of pain if you feel it at all.

The good news is that fleas do not like living on humans and they will jump off you as quickly as they can. They may jump onto your bed and make a home in your mattress then either hibernate or take a few bites out of you while they wait for your pet to come by.

They may even jump on you when you brush against a plant or flower that has a few fleas hiding on it. The fleas will use your clothing to get close to a new host and may take a bite before they leap off.

What Happens if a Flea from a Dog Bites You?

Close up of legs with insect bites

The best-case scenario will be that you will feel a little short bit of pain and then nothing. You may not even feel that bite and it will depend on how sensitive your skin is if you do or not.

You should see a group of little red dots and their presence will tell you that you have been bitten. That is if you are not allergic to flea bites. Some people are and they get an allergic reaction that causes them a lot of discomfort.

Finally, you may get a little sick from the germs or bacteria the flea injects into your bloodstream when they bite. However, those illnesses usually are not serious. All you have to do when you spot these little flea bites is use the right over-the-counter medications that treat them.

You can also use natural products if you have them in your home.

Can Humans Get Fleas from Dogs?

Woman in purple athletic wear sitting with her legs up, scratching

Yes, this is a common occurrence for pet owners. If they do not treat their pets with the right anti-flea products, then those fleas can jump on you. They may do it when you are trying to clean your pet of fleas.

Once on you, they will wait till it is safe to go back on your pet again. Dogs are not the only ones who have fleas jumping onto humans. If your cat has fleas, then the fleas on your feline friend will also jump on humans from time to time.

Since fleas cannot live on humans, they will jump off when they are ready. That is not too far into the future.

Some Final Words

Close up of a jack russell terrier on a brown blanket

When you have pets, be prepared to find fleas and flea bites on you. This will happen at some point in time when you are a long-term pet owner. The key is not to panic but to take the right anti-flea steps to get rid of them from you, your pet, and your home.

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