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Do Fleas Bite Humans at Night?

view of sleeping childs legs full of insect bites

A Good Night’s Rest is Important

You have a big day the next morning and you need to get a good night’s sleep to be ready for it and have the energy to get through those meetings. However, once you enter your bed, you are harassed by this weird feeling that insects are crawling all over you looking for their midnight snack.

No rest will be coming but you do not have to put up with this nighttime behavior. Keep reading to find out if you can be bitten by fleas during the night and what you can do about it.

Do Fleas Bite Humans in Bed?

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You may be surprised that besides bed bugs, mites, and mosquitoes, humans can be bitten by fleas while they sleep. This may cause you a lot of discomfort ad ruin your night’s rest, but it can happen especially if you own a cat or a dog or both.

So, yes, you can be bitten by fleas at night and that is because those little insects are waiting for a host, and they need a snack. They have found a way to get to your bed or bedding and they will make the most of their time there once you fall asleep.

Fleas will hide just about anywhere once they get in your home. The items they can hide in will be carpets, bedding, pillows, cushions, mattresses, and even clothing. To prevent this nasty situation, you have to take some anti-flea action before you go to sleep to keep fleas away.

Can My Dog Sleep in My Bed with Fleas?

Mastiff sleeping in the bed with a human with its paw thrown over the person's shoulder.

Unfortunately, your cuddly furry treasured friend can easily bring fleas to your bed. It doesn’t matter if it is a cat or a dog, if they have fleas, they will share them with you as you sleep.

There is a high degree of probability that your pet’s fleas will jump off of them at some point and leap onto your bed. Or the flea eggs that were laid on your pet will roll off and stay in your bed or bedding.

The reason you do not want fleas or flea eggs in your bedding is that these little creatures also bring germs and diseases with them. While your pet can sleep on your bed with you while they have fleas, it is a good idea to treat them for those fleas and flea eggs long before you both go to bed.

You will need to take strong anti-flea steps to protect your bed and your home from a flea infestation. If you see one, there may be hundreds more you do not see.

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What Is Biting Me at Night in My Bed?

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One thing is for sure, it is not going to be a human. There are many types of insects that like the night and like to do their feeding at night. Here is a list of those little creatures that like midnight snacks:

1. Bed Bugs– These tiny little creatures like to live in your bed, and you may find the majority of them around the seams of the mattress, inside your box springs, and your bed frame.

Their bites look like mosquito bites, and they like to take their time when feeding. Their biting can last between 3 and 120 minutes, and when full, they crawl away.

2. Mosquitoes– You should know all about these noisy creatures. They like to fly in, land, bite and fly off before you even notice they are there. Many times, all you will feel is a little itchiness and see a red bump. That is a mosquito bite.

3. Bat Bugs– Unless you have a bat infestation around your home, you most likely will not see or experience these bugs. They only hang out where bats live and if you get rid of the bats, you get rid of the bugs.

4. Mites– They come from rodents and birds, and they like to feed off humans and get their blood when they are in the area. Their bites can be itchy like a mosquito bite.

Do Fleas Come Out at Night?

Flea on human skin

Fleas like the dark and dark places. They also prefer cooler temperatures. Those two facts tell you that they love to come out at night and do their feeding. While fleas will bite at any time, nighttime is the best because they can hide better.

You will know when you have been bitten as you will see a group of red dots along your vein.

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Some Final Words

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While fleas do not like living on humans, they will bite them. Fleas like to live, and they will use your blood to keep them alive until an unprotected host comes by. The best thing to do is take the proper anti-flea steps to protect your home, your family, and you.

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