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Do Fleas Jump from One Pet to Another?

A corgi and a cat in a field of grass

Fleas Area Nuisance

No matter where you find them, they can spread disease or cause other health issues for both you and your pet. The key to stopping fleas is prevention. Take the right steps and your dog can be flea free for their entire lives.

To get the answer to the question, you will have to continue reading our article. It has the information you want to know about so you can better protect your treasured friend throughout its daily activities.

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Do Fleas Jump from Pet to Pet?

Golden retriever and a grey and white cat snuggling on a floor

If this takes place, it is a rare occurrence. Fleas are not travelers in the sense that they seek new homes every day or even every week. They like the living host they jumped onto and rarely do they leave that host unless they are chased away or killed.

Dogs and cats get fleas from those areas of your home or garden that are already flea infested. Then the creature will jump from the non-living host to the living host as quickly as they can.

Keep in mind we said rarely which means that while they do not normally jump from pet to pet, they can and have done this. It is just not a normal event. Also, anti-flea products do not stop fleas from jumping on your dog or cat.

They will still jump on the new host and will live there until the anti-flea product kills them.

How Do Fleas Transfer from Dog to Dog?

2 border collies looking up at the camera with their heads side by side

They do not normally transfer from one host to another. Fleas are homebodies that do not like to move. If they are safe, getting enough food, and can lay their eggs, then they are content to stay with their original host until they die.

One method that may be used would be jumping from one dog that was treated with anti-flea products to another that may not have the same products on them. The flea is not dumb and they will not hang around to be killed.

You may see them climbing the walls trying to escape any pesticides, etc., you have sprayed in the room. The flea may also walk from dog to dog if the one does have that anti-flea product on them.

But without those products, the flea rarely transfers to another host. They may walk off one dog onto the carpet or piece of furniture, then jump on a new dog but only if the former host was treated for flea infestation.

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Do Fleas Jump from Host to Host?

A collie with its head resting on a dachshund

No, they are not that type of creature. Once they find a host, they call it home and try to remain there for a very long time. If the dog or cat is not treated for fleas, then the flea probably will stay on the same host for the rest of their lives.

Since fleas are parasites, they will not live a long time without a continuous supply of blood. That means the flea may bite you for your blood, but they won’t live on you. They just need the nourishment to keep going until they find a canine or feline friend to land on.

If you see one flea, then like cockroaches, there may be dozens if not hundreds more around your home or garden area. If you are lucky, there is only one, but chances are it brought its family and friends with him or her and you will have an infestation to take care of.

When Do Fleas Jump Off Dogs?

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The grim news is that the flea may only jump off if your beloved pet dies. The better news is that they may leave your pet once you put flea powder on them or a flea collar around their necks.

They will try to flee from the poison and look for another host. The good news is that the flea should only live for about 2 days approx. without a host to feed off of. Sometimes they can live up to two weeks before dying without a host to feed on.

If they get on your pet, they can stay up to 8 days approx. give or take a few days. It will all depend on the flea and how well you treat your dog with anti-flea products.

Some Final Words

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Fleas can jump a long distance so you do need to protect your pet from these parasites as best as you can. The anti-flea products will not stop fleas from jumping onto your pet, but they will kill them quickly once they are on.

The best thing to do is protect your home from fleas so your dog has a better life.

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