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How Far Can Fleas Jump?

Dead flea lying on a piece of paper

White men can’t jump but it seems that fleas can. Unfortunately, they are not tall enough to become basketball stars. However, their size still makes them pests to dogs, cats, and humans everywhere.

How far they jump is up to some debate, but our article has the information you want to know about. Keep reading to get answers to this and other questions about fleas and their jumping ability.

How High Can Fleas Jump?

It has been said that fleas are capable of jumping 100 times their height. But before you get excited, fleas are not very tall, and that 100 times figure translates into a very small amount.

Their average height jump is roughly 5.2 inches or about 20 cm. However, some fleas are known to jump as high as 7.9 inches. Those are fair distances for such a little creature. You have to be away from a plant or other animal to avoid having fleas leap to your clothing or the pet you are walking outside at the moment.

The good news is that you can use this and the following information to help you protect your home, yourself, and your pets from fleas. One way to fight them off is to keep your bedding, home, and pet beds clean.

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How High Do Fleas Jump?

close up of a flea isolated on a blue background

The reason some fleas can jump great distances is because of their physical features. It seems that fleas have very large and very strong back legs. Those legs are capable of launching fleas 100 to 150 times their height and length.

Some fleas can go as far as 20 inches while others, not so lucky ones, can only jump 1 inch. It seems that dog fleas are the species of flea that jumps the highest and farthest, while human, cat, bats, rats, and so on type fleas do not have the same power in their legs.

While scientists study fleas, the record for jumping depends on the fleas studied. Not all the best jumpers in any category are studied by scientists. So while those non-dog fleas may not seem to jump very far, there will always be exceptions to the rule.

How Far Do Fleas Jump?

Flea caught in some fabric fibers

If there was a sporting event for fleas to compete with humans and other animals, they may win hands down. Most fleas are capable of jumping 100 times their height and 150 times their length.

Those figures translate into some fairly long distances for fleas. On average, depending on the flea, you need to stay at least 12 inches above the pet or plant and at least 20 inches away from them.

Distances vary from flea to flea, so it is better to treat your home with plants that repel fleas and put a flea collar on your dog or cat and keep it there at all times. Some plants to have around your home to help fight off fleas are pennyroyal, spearmint, chrysanthemums, and lavender.

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How High Fleas Jump

illustration of a flea

Fleas can jump higher than you realize. Those figures we gave are actual heights and distances that have been measured by experts. You won’t see them make the jumps as they are too small for most people to follow without some type of aid.

The best thing to do when you are fighting fleas and want to keep them off your pets is to keep your home clean. Vacuuming works, as does spraying some lemon liquid around your home.

Some people have said that rubbing your pet with a dryer sheet will also repel fleas but we have not tested that suggestion yet to see if it really works. Also, wash your clothes and bedding when you know you have been around places that have had fleas.

Keeping your home clean and your pets protected will help you avoid being a victim of flying fleas.

Some Final Words

Flea on a human body hair

Fleas are going to be everywhere. They are always looking for a host to feed off of and lay their eggs. If you take the right steps, you can keep fleas from infesting your home and make life a little more miserable for your pets and your family.

Invest in some good flea repelling plants and make sure to have a top brand flea collar, shampoo, and other products on hand to protect your home and pets.

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