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Do I Need to Bomb My House for Fleas?

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There are many ways to treat a house with a flea infestation. Seeing one flea is not a sign of no flea trouble but a sign that there are many more fleas somewhere in your home. When you see a flea, do not panic as there are good ways to kill them off before they become a bigger problem.

One of those methods is to use a flea bomb but this method while killing a lot of fleas does have its drawbacks. To learn more about this method just continue to read our article. It has the information you want to know about before you make a purchase.

Does Bombing House for Fleas Work?

The short answer is yes it does. A flea bomb or fogger will kill a lot of fleas that have taken up residence in your home. The fog will get into those deep-down areas where your vacuum cannot reach, or other pesticides cannot get to.

They are also very efficient at getting rid of fleas no matter where they reside in your home except in a few places. One of those drawbacks we mentioned was that the flea bomb will not reach the fleas living on your pets.

What that means is that if you do not kill those fleas, the eggs they lay will fall off somewhere in your home and may be able to hatch after the pesticide has disappeared. Another drawback is that the flea bomb will not kill any fleas hitching a ride on your clothing.

If they get to remain, they can leap aboard your pet and start laying eggs again. However, if you have treated your pet with the right anti-flea defense, those fleas that escaped the flea bomb will still be killed. Once they leap onto your pet, that pet protection will get them.

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How To Properly Bomb a House for Fleas

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There are several steps to go through to properly flea bomb your home. The first step is to determine the size of the flea problem that you have. Keep in mind that fleas can walk away from pesticides if you only do a small local area of your home.

That means that you will not kill all the fleas just move them to a new location. The second step would be to decide which type of flea bomb you will use. There are chemical ones and natural ones.

The best option is the commercially sold chemical flea bombs. The natural ones are best when the fleas are on your pet and not throughout your house. The third step will be to decide on how many fleas bombs you will need.

They only cover so much territory so you most likely will have to use more than one at the same time. The fourth step is to read the label and follow all the instructions. These instructions include the following steps:

  1. Move Temporarily to a New Location– This includes all pets- dogs, cats, birds, fish, and so on.
  2. Open All Interior Doors and Drawers– This allows for the fog to get everywhere.
  3. Clear The Kitchen – Remove food items, cooking utensils, pots, pans, and everything else in the room. Store them in a safe location like a sealable bin.
  4. Use Old Sheets to Cover Electronic Devices – Also cover shelving, furniture, and other specialty items but do not cover them in a way that the fleas have a place to hide.
  5. Close All Exterior Doors and Windows – You want the fog to remain inside your home.
  6. Turn Off All Electricity and Pilot Lights– Chemicals can be highly flammable and you do not want to lose your house doing this project

Next, you will have to vacuum your home to get rid of the fleas, eggs, and larvae that you can. Set the bombs in the right location and set them off. Follow the instructions closely and you want to set the bomb the furthest from the exit first.

Then move in order till you are out of the house safely. Wait the specified amount of time listed in the instructions before you move back into your home. When you move back in, follow the company’s move n instructions as well.

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How Often Should You Bomb Your House for Fleas?

human hand holding a box of Hot Shot brand Bedbug & Flea Fogger

There is no official word on this but look on the packaging of the flea bombs to see what the manufacturer has to say. Then use that instruction with a grain of salt as they are trying to sell more products.

If you practice good anti-flea defenses, then you should not have to bomb your house that often.

Some Final Words

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Flea bombs may be the last resort you turn to when all other methods have failed. It is hard to get rid of fleas as they have many places to hide. Those other methods may need help from time to time. The key to using a flea bomb is to read and follow the instructions carefully.

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