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Where In the House Do Fleas Live?

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You Would Be Surprised Where They Live

If you thought that fleas only resided on your pets, then you are in for a rude awakening. Fleas are small and they love dark, moist places. That means that there are many locations in your home where they can hide, hibernate, and get ready for when their next host walks by.

To learn the specific locations where fleas live in your home, just continue to read our article. It has those locations and more information that you need to know about. Take a few minutes to see how this important information helps you solve your flea problem.

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Where Are Fleas Most Commonly Found in The House?

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They are commonly found everywhere. Fleas not only like dark, moist places, but they also like crevices, deep pile carpeting, your mattresses, and furniture. Any place they can hide is a good spot for them and they will be found in those places until a host walks by.

Your pet and his or her bedding or home is not the most common spot to find fleas. The reason for saying that is because flea eggs roll off the host anywhere in your home. They do not stick to the host and can hatch just about anywhere they fall.

Do Fleas Stay in Carpet?

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Adult fleas may hide there for a while, but they need to feed, or they die. So, they may not remain on your carpet for very long. However, the flea eggs may remain for up to two weeks before they hatch.

Then the larvae will use your carpet as a hiding place until they move into the next flea stage. However, the larvae may remain in your carpet for a couple of years before making that transition.

How long a flea remains in your carpet depends on what stage of life they are in, how well you clean your carpets, and if there is food there for them.

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Can Fleas Live in Your Bed?

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It is not a pleasant thought but yes, fleas can live in your bed. They like the dark warm region created by your blankets, comforter, and other bedding. Although, the adult flea may not stay there for very long.

The flea eggs and larvae can remain for a very long time in your bed as adult fleas leave behind food for them to eat. To get rid of the fleas in your bed, regular washing of the bedding and vacuuming the bed mattress and box spring will help.

You may also need to keep your dog or cat off your bed if they have flea issues.

Where Do Fleas Hide in a Bedroom?

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They will like just about anywhere that is dark, moist, or a small crevice or opening. The flea likes to hide and those are its favorite places. To start, your bedding and pillows are two great places for the flea to live.

Then they will get into your mattress and box spring. You do not get inside those two items, so it is relatively safe for the flea to go there. Then, the carpet, if you have that or rugs in your bedroom, are great flea hiding spots.

Certain pieces of furniture will also be a good spot for fleas to go if you have them in your bedroom. Sometimes foggers are the only anti-flea tool you can use to get rid of those fleas.

Can Fleas Live in Pillows?

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Yes, they can but you can wash those easily enough to get rid of the fleas. If the pillow area is dark, you can expect fleas to go there. Then they may crawl out at night and take a bite out of you to keep alive.

Fleas can live just about anywhere, and their eggs and larvae will live in more places than you may think. This is why it is so hard to get rid of fleas. You never know where those eggs and larvae went, and they can hibernate for long periods of time.

That means that the adult fleas will pop up anywhere and at any time. You just never know when that will be. The good news is that you can kill those eggs and larvae before they become adult fleas and get rid of them.

Some Final Words

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While fleas can live just about anywhere in your home, you have many methods you can use to get rid of them. Make sure to treat your pets with the right products so they do not bring any of their fleas and let them get on your bed.

Research the different products to see which ones will work best for you and your home.

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