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Do Pest Control Companies Spray for Fleas?

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Yes, they do. However, most companies won’t be able to terminate fleas from the yard but will protect your house from these parasites. Some pest control companies offer an exclusive flea control plan while others cover it under their general pest control plans. Keep reading to know why pest control companies are useful for fleas and how much will they cost.

Why Do You Need Pest Control Companies for Fleas?

Fleas reproduce very quickly and can cause an infestation in no time. Therefore, it is often difficult to deal with these pests on your own. This is because most DIY treatments for fleas are quite expensive and time-consuming. Some of the biggest reasons that make contacting a pest control company the best bet (for fleas) are discussed below.


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Professional pest control services might seem a little expensive at first but they are not. This is because the price of DIY solutions keeps adding up which puts a continuous burden on your wallet. Similarly, the effectiveness of DIY products is always a massive concern as you may not get the desired results. Hence, it’s better to pay the cost of a professional pest control spray for fleas.

In addition to that, the treatments offered by pest control companies include pet safety. This means that they are planned in a way to keep your pets safe from flea infestation. Therefore, you won’t have to pay additional cash for pet flea treatments. 


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You can find several products in the market that claim to eliminate fleas from your house. However, all of them are not necessarily safe for your family (and pets) and can cause serious health hazards. Using a pest control company minimizes this risk because their professional staff knows which products are safe. Likewise, they will guide you about the proper preparations and precautions to stay safe during and after the treatment.

Better Results

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Proper identification and designing a suitable plan of action are crucial for the success of flea treatment. Trained professionals of pest control companies have the required knowledge and experience to eliminate fleas (from your house) for good. They will eliminate the fleas from inside the house and take appropriate measures to keep them away in the future. On the other hand, using a DIY product doesn’t guarantee complete success and can lead to a re-infestation.

How to Prepare for the Pest Control Spray for Fleas?

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Appropriate preparations are necessary to make the most of flea treatment. Most pest control companies will provide you with a list of things that must be done before the treatment. They are known as pest control operators and some of the most recommended ones are as follows.

  • Make sure that your pets are treated for fleas. You can either get it done by a veterinarian or go for it yourself. If you have chosen the second option, make sure that you are using a safe product. Similarly, don’t forget to read the instructions on the label before treating your pet.
  • Clean the floor and furniture. Give special attention to tight corners and under-cushion regions because fleas like to hide in these spots.
  • Wash all the essentials of your pets, including their bedding.
  • Pick up everything from the floor so that it stays safe from the pesticide. You need to be thorough for this step and should look underneath the bed and inside closets.
  • Cover all the dishes and utensils and make sure that there is no food in the open. 

How Much Does a Flea Control Spray Cost?

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Pest control companies have different rates for flea control spray but the average cost is around $270. This service usually includes inspections, vacuuming, and the application of pest control products. Depending upon the company you use, the price can go as low as $75 and as high as $400. In either case, it’s imperative to ensure that the products are safe and appropriate services are being provided.

Other than one-time treatments, some companies also offer monthly (or quarterly) spray for fleas. These sprays are cheaper than full treatments and cost around $75.  

Does Orkin Spray for Fleas?

Close up of an Orkin truck

Yes, it does. Orkin provides a thorough treatment for fleas that includes inspection, spraying, and vacuuming. The process begins by inspecting the space. The experienced professionals of the pest control company will inspect your house and locate the areas of infestation. Then, they will come up with the best possible treatment and management plan for fleas.

Orkin always uses effective flea control products that are also safe for humans and pets. However, spraying alone is not enough to get rid of fleas because these parasites can come back again. This is because they can survive in different forms (eggs, larvae, pupae, and adults) for several days. Hence, Orkin provides the service of vacuuming to ensure that the fleas are really gone.  

Does Terminix Spray for Fleas?

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Although Terminix doesn’t have an exclusive service for fleas, this pest control company can help you take care of these parasites. They can locate the areas of flea infestation inside your house and use powerful vacuums to remove them. However, Terminix won’t offer much if you want to eliminate fleas from your yard. This is because they don’t spray for fleas in the yard and their service is only limited to indoor spaces.

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