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Does Bug Spray Help with Fleas?

Man outdoors spraying his arms with bug repellant

If a person is allergic to flea saliva, flea bites can cause itching, skin irritation, and even allergic reactions. Several flea sprays and other products are available in the market that can be used to repel these parasites. Some bug sprays are also used for this purpose. Keep reading to know more about how bug spray can help with fleas and its effectiveness.

Will Mosquito Spray Kill Fleas?

Mosquito spray doesn’t kill fleas. However, it does numb their senses of smelling their prey which leads to them not being able to recognize your scent, and if they cannot recognize your scent, they cannot find you, which will ultimately result in them not being able to bite you.

Sprays that are DEET-based can help repel fleas. So when you are looking for sprays that can help you repel fleas away from you and your household, you need to look for DEET-based sprays that mention “effective on fleas.”

Max Aerosol Insect Repellent from Repel Sportsmen

Repel Sportsmen Max Aerosol Insect Repellent Bonus, 40% Deet, 8.125 oz - 1 Count

It is one of the most effective bug sprays that help repel fleas. It prominently mentions on the can that it can be used to repel fleas and ticks. 

Insect and Mosquito Repellent from OFF! Deep Woods

OFF! Deep Woods Insect Repellent VIII Dry, 4 oz. (2 ct)

While talking about bug sprays that are transparent in their listings about the kind of insects they deal with, OFF bug spray can fit the criteria perfectly. Its DEET-based formula can help you repel fleas from your house. And it comes in lemon scent too.

HG-86647 Insect Repellent from Cutter

Cutter HG-86647 Insect Repellent, 11 oz, Brown/A

Although the DEET level of this bug spray is only 40%, it can still help you repel a lot of the fleas in your household.

Out of the three bug-repelling sprays, OFF deep woods insect and mosquito repellent are the most efficient. But all these serve the same purpose and mention what particular insects or bugs they can help you repel.

Does Febreze Kill Fleas?

Bottle of extra strength Febreze laying on a white wood background

Yes, Febreze can be used to kill fleas and many other insects and bugs. Now you must be wondering how an air freshener can help you kill insects and bugs such as fleas?  Now a surprising revelation for you might be that Febreze contains a small number of toxic chemicals that can also be found in insecticides. Some of the toxic chemicals in Febreze are as follows.


Ethanol is a gas that has additives to discourage any kind of recreational consumption by making it toxic. These additives can result in Awful-smell, nauseating effects, horrible taste, etc.

Ethyl Acetate

Brown glass bottle with a label that reads "Ethyl Acetate"

Ethyl acetate, specifically found in “fragrances,” is a well-known insecticide hidden in Febreze. This specific insecticide, which insect collectors usually employ, works well by generating irritating respiratory vapors that rapidly kill the insect while keeping it intact for further research.


Limonene is an all-natural insecticide that is also included in Febreze. This chemical rapidly removes the protective wax covering insects have, causing them to suffocate.

As a result of the spray, the insect dies on the spot. With these components, the effect on such little organisms is strong. Along with those chemicals, the odor can also help to eliminate pests.

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How Febreze Kills Fleas?

Dead fleas on a white background

Febreze can effectively kill fleas, but not as quickly as it can kill ants. When spraying the Febreze on furniture or mattresses, it may take a few days of constant spraying.

This is because they can hide within the materials, but if you are constant with the use of chemicals, they will be successfully eliminated.

Does Lysol Spray Kill Fleas on Furniture?

Cans of Lysol spray lined up on a store shelf

Yes, it Does! Lysol is the #1 household item that every house owner has. It is a house cleaner and a disinfector that eliminates 99.9% of viruses and bacteria. It is affordable and available in various forms, including liquid, wipes, and a spray.

Lysol is also widely available and may be obtained at almost any grocery shop, medicine store, or convenience store!

Fleas in any home can be easily killed using this product, as it has insecticidal properties. Fleas are not fond of the smell of Lysol, so they will usually avoid areas where high concentrations of Lysol are present. Keeping fleas away from your home involves thoroughly cleaning them with Lysol!

Where Can You Use Lysol?

Can of Lysol spray sitting on a counter in front of a mirror with a pair of rubber gloves

It can be used on soft and hard surfaces. It can also be used on different types of furniture. The trick to using Lysol to eliminate fleas quickly is to spray them directly.

They’ll hop off and hide somewhere else if you miss them.

Spraying Lysol directly on fleas might be difficult. However, spraying Lysol on the areas where fleas hide might suffice. Fleas in the house can be found hiding in narrow gaps in the floor and walls. Fleas can infest your bed if your felted cat jumps on it frequently.

If you have a hardwood floor in your home, make sure to spray Lysol on the joint between the wall and the floor. In that junction, there is a gap, and many fleas hide there as well.

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