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Does Diatomaceous Earth Kill Ticks?

Glass bowl of diatomaceous earth powder with a wooden spoon on a white background

When you have a flea infestation in your yard, you do not have to go to harsh commercial chemical products to get rid of them. There are natural methods you can use.

One of those methods is good to kill fleas but may not be good to put on your dog. That method is Diatomaceous Earth make sure you understand all the directions before you use it.

When used in the wrong manner, you may be harming your pet and that is never a good situation to be in.

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Diatomaceous Earth for Ticks on Dogs

Diatomaceous earth powder  isolated on a white background

They say that Diatomaceous Earth (DE) is safe to use on dogs. Yes and no. You need to make sure you get the right kind of DE to be sure it is safe to use on your treasured pet.

There are steps to follow to make sure DE works thoroughly and safely on your pet:

1. You Have to Buy Food Grade DE- That is the product that is safe to use. Filter grade or non-food grade are the products you cannot use on your pet.

2. Sprinkle Liberally on Your Pet- The key is to use it as much as possible but do not get it into their eyes, ears, nose, or mouth (or yours for that matter). Use your gloved hand to massage DE down to their skin.

3. Let DE Sit For 72 Hours- You will kill most fleas with the first application, but you need to wait so you get them all. You can leave DE on their skin for a few weeks but watch to make sure your pet’s skin does not dry out.

4. Bath Time- After the 72 hours are up, give your dog a bath to get rid of DE. Then use a flea comb to get rid of the dead fleas and ticks.

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Diatomaceous Earth Shampoo Recipe for Dogs

Dog being shampooed

We searched and searched but we found no recipes for homemade DE shampoos for dogs. That does not mean that they do not exist but that they are not popular enough to register on search engine results pages.

We did check the AKC website, Amazon, and other locations for dogs, but they did not list any shampoo for dogs that were made from DE. All they listed was the food grade powder format with some brief words on how to use it and what is inside the bag.

In our searches images popped up of commercial DE shampoos for dogs but those images did not provide a link to any market or website that sold these particular products.

You may have to talk to your local pet store or vet to find any shampoo with this natural ingredient. All the homemade recipes included ingredients like vinegar, dishwashing liquid, and similar products, along with water.

You can try to make your own, but this product is designed to work as a powder and be left on for several days. A shampoo would not fight those fleas if used as a shampoo.

There would not be enough time for it to work. It is best to use it as a powder to get top results.

Diatomaceous Earth for Dogs’ Itchy Skin

Golden retriever puppy sitting in a field scratching

This is not a good idea either as DE is not a medicated product and it is not a moisturizer. It is a powder that kills fleas and ticks and does nothing to heal dry skin.

DE, if left on too long, can dry out your dog’s skin and then cause it to be itchy. This is something you have to watch out for if you leave this powder on for too long. If you see dry skin developing, you should use some medicated shampoo to treat that condition.

Wash the DE off as soon as you see this condition developing. Wait a while and try DE a second time to see if your dog is allergic to it or if a shorter time period produces the results you want before the dry skin develops.

Some Final Words

Bottle of Harris brand Diatomaceous earth

Diatomaceous Earth is a good flea and tick-killing product. Its limited application is one reason many people opt for harsh chemical commercial products.

As long as you use food-grade DE, your pet should be safe from harm. But this product is not for every dog breed or dog so make sure it is okay to use.

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