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Brewer’s Yeast for Dogs Ticks

Brewer's yeast tablets spilling onto a wooden surface

This is an interesting possibility. There is not a lot of scientific data on this ingredients’ power to repel fleas and ticks. It does do that job so you can use it on your pet. However, there are some risks involved as well.

Before you buy those treats made with brewer’s yeast or add them to your dog’s diet, talk to your vet first. The results are there but science hasn’t caught up with the results yet.

To learn more about using this product, just continue to read our article. It explores the issue so you have all the information to get on the right track and use this item properly

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Brewer Tick Treatment

Brewer's yeast tablets spilled into a medicine bottle cap

There are a lot of different Brewer’s yeast products for dogs on the market today. Finding a good one will not be hard; you just have to read a lot of labels to filter out the lesser brands.

The treatment when you find one of the better products calls for 1 tablespoon per day mixed with your dog’s moist food. It does not taste that great and some companies mix the yeast with some garlic flavoring to encourage your dog to eat more.

That treatment is flexible and will depend on several factors. Those factors include weight, health condition, age, size, and more. It is best to talk to your vet before you administer this treatment because there are some things to watch out for.

This is not a treatment for every dog or dog breed. Getting your dog to eat may be the most challenging aspect of this treatment. But once you figure it out, it should not be too difficult to give your pet this product on a daily basis.

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Brewer Tick Control

Brewer's yeast flakes in a bowl.

This product is said to be effective at repelling ticks. It may not kill them, but it should repel them with ease. Scientists are not sure which part of the yeast is the repelling factor but one thing they do know is that giving your dog this product, works to control the tick infestation on your pet.

The main problem is that brewer’s yeast on its own does not taste that good. That means manufacturers try to add a little flavor to the dog treat with the brewer’s yeast. That flavoring is garlic which can also help in repelling ticks.

Another problem will be that not all dogs will respond the same when eating brewer’s yeast. Some dogs may see results in a few days while others may not get any results. Everything is up to the individual dog.

If the tablet or powder is mixed with omega-3 fatty acids, not only will it taste better but it will also be a stronger tick and flea repellent.

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The Benefits of Using Brewer’s Yeast In Your Dog’s Diet

Brewer's yeast cake pieced on a wooden spoon

This product comes with a lot of wonderful benefits that will help your dog be healthier and happier. Your job is getting them to eat it. Here are some of those benefits:

  1. Helps With Digestion- The yeast is full of microorganisms that can act as a probiotic. Those microorganisms help your dog digest its food better and make sure it can go potty in a healthy way.
  2. Boosts The Immune System- The minerals inside help keep your pet’s immune system in top shape. Even though it is only a tablespoon a day, that little bit does a lot health-wise for your pet.
  3. Helps Absorb More Nutrients- Some dogs do have a problem when it comes to getting all the nutrition they need. Brewer’s yeast helps them absorb more nutrients, so they do stay healthy. It does this through the digestion system.
  4. Boosts Energy- This product is full of B vitamins which go a long way in giving your dog more energy. These vitamins help your dog convert more food to energy
  5. Supports A Healthy Coat and Skin-Those energy B vitamins make sure your dog’s skin and coat are in top health. They provide the nutrients for your dog to develop a nice thick coat.
  6. A Natural Flea and Tick Repellent- Not a flea and tick killer but a repellent. If you want to permanently get rid of those fleas and ticks, you need to use other products to kill them off.

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Some Final Words

Red and white puppy sitting in grass scratching

It seems you can’t go wrong with adding a little Brewer’s yeast to your dog’s diet. However, if your dog has an allergy to yeast, then you can’t use it. Talk to your vet first to make sure your dog is able to add this product to its food menu. Just watch out for the taste.

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