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How to Get Rid of Fleas Under the House

Person in s hazmat jumpsuit in the crawlspace under a house

Fleas Can Live Just About Anywhere

That is one reason why it is so hard to get rid of those little creatures. While adult fleas do not live that long, they can leave enough food behind to help their eggs and larvae reach adulthood.

Getting rid of the fleas that live under your house is a difficult chore to do but it can be done. All you have to do to learn how to do this task is continue reading our article. it has the information you need to know so your home can be flea free.

Can Fleas Live Under a House?

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Yes, they can live just about anywhere. They like cool dark spaces and seem to thrive in them. Your under-the-house area fits those preferences so do not be surprised to find fleas coming up from that spot.

Even your basement or garage is great for fleas as you may have a lot of time lying around in those rooms. The flea likes clutter because they get more hiding places. There are many ways those fleas can get to your basement or under your home.

Your pets can bring them, or they come with rats, mice, squirrels, and even raccoons. The only good news in all of this is that those fleas will not lay any eggs in those rooms or areas of your home.

They need a host to feed off of before they can lay any eggs. So if you keep your pets out of those rooms or areas, those fleas should die off without leaving any offspring behind. But you should treat those areas to make sure they are killed.

How Do You Get Rid of Fleas in a Crawl Space?

Person dressed in a hazmat jumpsuit carrying a spray nozzle attached to a container on their back filled with chemical

This may be a bit difficult as crawl spaces are normally very small areas. Sometimes they are too small for humans to do anything but crawl. The first step would be to remove any objects that may provide good hiding areas for fleas.

You can mix up some home remedies and spray the area with vinegar, and lemon juice or you could toss baking soda and salt in the crawl space. This will give you some relief from the fleas.

You can also spray some worms that eat insect larvae in the crawl space and let them feed off the flea larvae. The best thing to do is to keep your pets from the crawl space. Without a host to feed off of, those fleas in that area will not be laying any eggs.

Once the adult fleas die, there are no more fleas. While you are waiting for them to die, you can seal up any holes or cracks that let mice or other small animals inside. Wild animals do get fleas and they do carry them inside your crawl space if given the chance.

You can also spray some flea repellent in the area but that may drive those fleas up into your living area.

How Do I Get Rid of Fleas in My Dirt Basement?

Washer and dryer in a basement

The first step would be to get rid of any clutter. Those unneeded items only provide space for fleas to hide in and wait for your pets to come by or some other animal. Once they do, fleas get a host and the chance to lay a lot of eggs.

A second step is that you could spray bomb your dirt basement, but the biggest drawback is that the fleas will only move upstairs. The best way to handle the flea problem would be to spray bomb your home and kill all the fleas everywhere and make the upper floors not worth moving to.

Or you could call in a pest control company and let the experts solve the problem for you. This is a good option as they will seal up all those little holes, cracks, and other items that allow small animals to bring fleas inside your basement.

Another option would be to spread diatomaceous earth or baking soda and salt mixture all over the dirt floor and everywhere else. These products will dehydrate the fleas, eggs, and larvae keeping them from becoming pests later on.

There are different products you can buy to handle dirt basement floors. Your local shopping center should have many of those products or your local hardware store should.

Some Final Words

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Getting rid of fleas from under your house takes a little more work. But the good news is that you have some great options to use to make your home safe from fleas. Just make sure to seal up those holes, etc., so the fleas cannot hitchhike inside.

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