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How To Give a Dog a Flea Bath

Overhead view of a black and white dog getting a bath

The fastest and easiest way to give your pet a flea bath is to go to a professional groomer. They have all the soaps, anti-flea products, and tools to get rid of those fleas for you. The problem with this option is that the professional can be expensive.

But if you cannot afford to take your dog to a professional then bathing your pet on your own is the best way to go. If you are a first-time dog owner, giving a flea bath is easy to do.

To find out how to do it correctly, just continue to read our article. It provides all the information you need to bathe your dog correctly

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How Often Can I Give My Dog A Flea Bath

There really is no hard and fast rule on this. You just have to be careful not to do it too often as many commercial flea shampoos can irritate your dog’s skin.

In the Summer and Spring months, you may want to bathe your dog more frequently as fleas are very active during those warmer months. In the Fall and Winter, you can cut back if you live in the colder regions of the country.

If you need a number, once or twice a month in the warmer months and maybe once a month to once every two months in the winter. You can check with your vet to see if you need to do it more often than that.

Not every flea situation will be the same and if you use other anti-flea products, you can scale back the number of baths you give your pet.

Can I Give My Dog A Flea Bath at Home?

A short terrier and a tall furry dog (head not seen in picture) standing on a trail with mud half way up their bodies.

Yes, you can. Giving your dog a flea bath is like giving them a regular bath. All you need is some warm water, a tub or basin, and some flea shampoo. The flea shampoo can be commercial, or you can make it yourself.

Make sure to have a good rinsing tool on hand as you will want to rinse your dog thoroughly before drying him or her off. Also, you may want a towel on the floor in case your dog is a fighter and hates bath time.

The key to giving your dog a flea bath is to make sure you do not get any flea shampoo in their eyes, ears, nose, and mouth. Those areas can get irritated or damaged if you do.

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What Can I Use to Give My Dog A Flea Bath?

Jack Russell terrier being given a bath outdoors in a wooden pail

Besides water and a tub, all you will need will be flea shampoo. There are some great commercial flea shampoos on sale everywhere. They just may cost more than you realize.

The best shampoos will kill fleas on contact and then keep killing between 14 and 28days after the bath. Not all shampoos perform this well, so ask for help if you are not sure. The cheaper ones may not be as effective as they claim.

If you do not want to use any flea shampoo with those harsh chemicals, you can make your own. The recipes are quite simple, and it takes little time to mix all the ingredients.

Also, you will need a good shower nozzle on a long hose to rinse your pet. You want to be thorough so that all the shampoo is off and does not irritate your dog. After, that, a soft, thick towel will help dry your dog off quickly.

Do You Use a Flea Comb Before or After a Bath?

young girl combing a golden retriever on a grey rug

It is not whether you use the flea comb before or after a bath. It is when your dog walks into an area where there are fleas that you need to be concerned about.

The flea comb can be used at any time and usually, it is recommended that you use it once or twice a week regardless of if you are bathing your dog or not. You can use it before a bath, but the flea shampoo should kill those fleas anyways.

The fleas will be dead after a bath, so it is pointless to use it then as well. The best time to use a flea comb will be between baths and when you see your dog scratching or licking too much, or you see fleas walking on their bodies.

Or if you took them to their favorite dog park, then when you come home you should use the flea comb.

Some Final Words

Wired hair Jack Russell Terrier wrapped in a dark grey towel

Giving your dog a flea bath is easy. Just make sure you use warm water, and the best flea shampoo and treat your home for fleas. The flea bath is only as good as your other anti-flea efforts.

To combat fleas, it is a combination of defenses that will keep your dog flea free.

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