5 chews to NEVER give your dog

Golden Retriever puppy with rawhide bone

Now, let’s talk chews. Particularly, let’s talk about dangerous chews. Some of the chews marketed for our dogs aren’t as safe as we think they are.

Ice cube dangers for dogs

I know I told you to use ice cubes to help get your dog to drink. But it’s a last resort. And it’s safe for dogs who don’t chew on them since ice cubes are bad for dog’s teeth.

Boo likes to chase his around the kitchen and lick up the puddles. Other dogs like to crunch them. And the problem here is that it’s like crunching a jawbreaker. You’re not supposed to do it.

It can crack your teeth. And that’s what happens when your dog crunches ice. He can cause fractures in his teeth. It can even break them off completely.

Are tennis balls safe for dogs?

Jack Russell Terrier with Tennis ball on white background

Most dogs will fetch, chase, and just play with them. But some love to feel the felt against their teeth. So, they chew on them. But that woolly felt is abrasive.

While you’d think that would be great for cleaning Pup teeth —It’s actually too abrasive. It can wear down tooth enamel, leaving the teeth more prone to decay.

Plus, if your dog plays with tennis balls outdoors, grit and dirt get caught in the fuzzy outside. These can dig into tooth enamel, and it can cut up their gums.

So, if your dog likes to chew tennis balls, it’s better not to let them have them. Overall, tennis balls aren’t safe for dogs.

Dangers of rawhide chews for dogs.

Rawhide bone one white background


I was >> all our dogs have LOVED rawhide.

But many brands of rawhide are compressed using dangerous chemicals. They can harbor bacteria that can make your dog ill. And most brands are compressed so hard that they can fracture your dog’s teeth.

Hooves, antlers, and other animal chews for dogs.

Hooves, antlers, and other animal chews are a bad idea.

They crack and splinter when your dog chews on them. Best case, your dog’s mount gets a bit cut up. Worst case, a piece splinters and gets stuck in their throat. These choking hazards are a bad idea all around.

I have one more for you – cornstarch chews.

Avoid animal chews for dogs.

Dog Chewing on bone

A lot of people who avoid animal chews try cornstarch chews instead.

The problem here is that corn is an incredibly common allergy in dogs.

Some dogs may not react to the little corn in their diet, but can still react to the concentrated corn in a chew. Plus, these chews can be terribly hard. Think of it as letting your dog chew on a rock, because these can break their teeth.

In the end, the best thing to do is to be very chew-sy about what your dog chews on.

And for better ways to help clean your dog’s teeth, check out our post How to cure your dog’s bad breath.  And for safe chews, you can read 4 Great Toys that Clean Your Dog’s Teeth!

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