How to cure your dog’s bad breath

How to cure your dog’s bad breath

A few weeks ago, we talked about bad doggie breath.

We covered what it could be telling you about your dogs’ health.

If you missed it, you can find the post HERE.

But what if your dog is perfectly healthy (YAY!)

and his breath is just BAD???

My brother’s dog had that issue.

Nothing we tried helped that Poor Pup.

How to Cure Chronic Bad Doggie Breath

I’ll even include handy links where I can. **

I like to make your life easier. You’d rather be playing with your Pup anyway!

I’m going to assume that you’re already doing what you can to prevent your dog’s breath from getting worse.

You’re doing things like locking trashcans and trying to keep your dog from eating things from the ground.

This is just good practice.  Not only do those gross things make your dog’s breath horrible, but they can lead to parasites like heartworms.

So, since prevention isn’t working, let’s look at solutions.

Have you ever brushed your dog’s teeth?

Not kidding.

Like people, oral hygiene affects breath.

When I brought Boo home, I picked up a pack of brushes & toothpaste.

It was like this one.

Don’t worry… it comes with instructions.

And be sure NOT to use toothpaste intended for humans.

Some of the ingredients are toxic to dogs.

Something else that can help is dental chews.

Dental Chews for Dog Bad Breath

I like Greenies for my dogs, but there are plenty of options.

But dental chews are designed to scrub your dog’s teeth while he chews.

Plus, your dog enjoys the treat while keeping his teeth healthy.

This next one SHOCKED me!

Is wet dog food causing your dog's bad breath?

Is wet dog food causing your dog’s bad breath?

I didn’t know that dogs who eat wet food are more likely to have bad breath.

And the great thing is that it’s cheap and easy to test this one!

Just switch your dog to a dry food for a week or so.

Better breath at the end of the week?

The food was the culprit.

Here are a few tips that are even simpler.

Plus, they use items you can easily find in your kitchen!

Let’s start with your dog’s water bowl.

Want to keep your dog’s breath fresh? Give these 5 Dog Breath Mints Recipes a try!

Is your dog's water bowl causing bad breath?

Is your dog’s water bowl causing bad breath?

Having fresh water can do wonders for bad breath.

But there are ways that bowl can do more.

First, keep it clean… bacteria can build up in just a day or two.

And bacteria are a bad breath culprit!

You can also add a bit of apple cider vinegar to your dog’s water.

Just add about a teaspoon per quart of water.

This helps to kill bad bacteria.

Plus, your dog will enjoy the other health benefits of vinegar.

Now, let’s move on to Pupper’s food dish.

Is your dog’s food bowl clean?

Again, clean the bowl every day.

And we mentioned yesterday about trying dry food.

Some dogs may not like the switch… but I’ve got good news for them!

Fresh Parsley for Dog Bad Breath

In the 80’s, all the “good” restaurants put parsley on the plates.

It’s a natural breath freshener.

So, patrons could chew it to get the garlic off their breath.

It works for dogs, too.

You can chop up fresh parsley and add it to your dog’s food.

Between meals, we have a few other ideas for you.

Vegetables to Cure Bad Dog Breath

Did you know that a carrot makes a healthy natural chew?

They clean the teeth, and are great for their coat!

Apples can help, too.

So, slice up some apples or carrots for a healthy, teeth cleaning treat!

Here’s one your dog will LOVE!

Using Beef Bones to Tame Dog Bad Breath

Using Beef Bones to Tame Dog Bad Breath

Chewing on the bones scrapes the plaque from their teeth. Chewing on dog toys for teeth cleaning can have the same effect.

And the bacteria that cause bad breath love to hide in the plaque.

Other bones can work, too.

Just NEVER give a dog chicken or turkey bones.

They splinter easily and can get caught in Puppy throats.

The same thing goes if your dog cracks the bone.

It’s time for a new one.

You don’t want them chewing on a cracked bone.

But see how easy it is to keep your dog happy and their teeth healthy?

You’ll have their bad breath cured in No Time!

For toys that can also help with clean teeth and better breath, you can read this POST HERE!  And we’ve got Mutt Mint Christmas Trees for your Doggie’s Breath Mint needs!

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