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Are Olive Trees Safe for Dogs?

olives on an olive tree

According to ASPCA, neither olives nor their trees are unsafe for dogs. There is not even the smallest degree of risk if your canine munches some bark off an olive tree. Therefore, you can plant olive trees in your yard without being concerned about your pup’s safety.

Olive Tree Information

Olive grove

The scientific name of olive trees is Olea europaea and they belong to the family Oleaceae. These trees are richly found in the Mediterranean Basin and grow only up to 15-65 ft. (5-20 meters). They are evergreen trees and can live for centuries. On rare occasions, olive trees have been known for living (and sprouting) for up to 1800 years. The leaves of these trees are lush green (elongated) and are 4-10cm long and 1-3cm wide.

A major portion of olive trees is comprised of Oleuropein, which is a glycosylated Seco-iridoid. This is a sort of phenolic unpleasant compound found in green olive skin, tissue, seeds, and leaves. It is also present in the Argan oil. The term Oleuropein is gotten from the botanical name of Olive trees referenced previously.

Olives are the greenish/purplish fruits that develop on these trees. These natural products are of incredible nutritional significance for humans. In addition to consuming them as a whole, oil is also extracted from olives.

Are Olive Trees Safe for Dogs?

Dog sitting on a hill under an olive tree

Yes, they are. Eating some of the bark of an olive tree or ingesting a couple of olives won’t harm your pooch. However, the seeds (pit) of olives can be harmful because they can cause blockage and choking. Similarly, olive pits are also hard enough to break your pup’s tooth.

Although they don’t contain any toxic substance, gulping many olives at a time can be risky. For example, the natural salts present in olives can lead your canine to dehydration. Hence, if your dog has consumed a large number of olives, consult your veterinarian immediately for professional advice. This will allow you to prevent stomach issues, like loose bowels or soreness.

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