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Can Dogs Eat Vanilla Yogurt?

2 glass jars of vanilla yogurt on a small wooden board with spoons in them.

Although dogs can eat vanilla yogurt, it is NOT very healthy for them. A small quantity of vanilla yogurt might not have any effect on the dog’s health. However, it can cause serious problems if consumed in excess.

Yogurt comes in many flavors in the market. Some of them are useful for canines while others are not healthy. Different people come with different opinions regarding the suitable amount and type of yogurt for dogs. The right serving amount depends upon the physical condition of the dog and the ingredients of the yogurt.

We often hear that dogs get essential probiotics from yogurt and they are useful for the proper functioning of the digestive system. Although yogurt does have some beneficial probiotics, it is not suitable for your pup if he/she is lactose intolerant.

Is Vanilla Yogurt Healthy for Dogs?

Dogs can eat vanilla yogurt, but it’s not healthy for them. This is because it lacks essential nutrients and has very high sugar content. Therefore, most experts advise dog owners to keep their pooches away from such meals.

The presence of artificial sweeteners in the vanilla yogurt can make it hazardous for your pet. Some of these sweeteners are extremely toxic to canines because they contain Xylitol. For this reason, many owners prefer to give plain yogurt (with no added sugar) to their dogs. Likewise, Greek yogurt is another appropriate choice for dogs.

NOTE: If your dog is lactose intolerant, all varieties of yogurt can be harmful to him/her.

Can All Dogs Eat Vanilla Yogurt?

Vanilla yogurt in a blue bowl on blue painted wood with a plaid cloth napkin

The answer to this question will be a NO. Many dog breeds are allergic to yogurt because they cannot digest the lactose in it. Lactose intolerance can result in diarrhea, bloating, and abdominal discomfort.

Dogs are unable to break down lactose because they lack lactase in their digestive system. Lactase is the enzyme that is necessary for digesting naturally occurring milk sugar (lactose). Most of the dogs are deprived of this ability to break down the lactose after their puppyhood.

How Much Yogurt Can My Dog Eat?

small dog eating yogurt from a container on a white background.

There is no exact answer or quantity against this question. It depends upon the size, weight, daily diet, health, activity, and gender of the pet. Moreover, the variation in the ingredients can also cause a change in the quantity.

Normally, the yogurt with fewer sweeteners is more suitable for dogs and can be consumed in a bigger quantity. Although canines are quite fond of yogurt in their puppyhood, their liking for this product reduces as they grow older. Dogs can have a very small amount (about 10%) of lactose-containing meals in their diets.

Nutritional Value of Yogurt for Dogs

container of yogurt with a small green spoon on a striped cloth napkin

If you are feeding your pups some yogurt, it should be free of artificial sweeteners. A lot of these sweeteners are toxic to dogs and can lead to serious health problems. Hence, plain yogurt is the best alternative for canines because it is enriched with calcium and protein. Calcium is used in the contraction of muscles and helps in sending signals between the cells. It also plays a significant role in blood coagulation.

Yogurt also contains some useful minerals, like Potassium and Magnesium. Potassium is vital for your dog’s heart function and regulates enzyme function. On the other hand, magnesium helps your pet’s body to absorb several other nutrients.

Yogurt can also serve as a probiotic and is reasonably beneficial for the digestive system. Just like humans, probiotics are good for dogs. However, your canine companion can’t have a lot of yogurt because they can’t digest dairy products. For this reason, no more than 10% of their diet can comprise of yogurt.

If you want to improve the probiotics concentration in your dog’s body, you can always consult the veterinarian for some suggestions. After all, yogurt is NOT the only delicious alternative.

Can Dogs Eat Vanilla Frozen Yogurt?

frozen yogurt in a small cup being held out by human hands

Frozen yogurt is one of the few human treats that a dog can enjoy. However, yogurt in any form is not acceptable for those dogs who are lactose intolerant. This is because it is still a dairy product and contains a substantial amount of lactose in it.

When such a dog eats vanilla yogurt frozen, the lactose in it can cause serious disorders. For example, it can result in toileting accidents in the house, abdominal pain, bloating, dehydration, diarrhea, and excessive thirst.

If your dog is comfortable with lactose, you can give him/her some vanilla frozen yogurt. Canines love to have frozen foods and won’t need a second invitation to gobble it up. Just make sure that there is no xylitol in the ingredient list of the frozen yogurt.

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