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Can Poodles Eat Fish?

Poodle laying on grey wood floors, eating from a food bowl.

Yes, they can because fish is an excellent source of protein, healthy fatty acids, and other nutrients for poodles. However, every fish is not safe for canines and owners must know about the necessary precautions before adding fish to their pup’s diet. They will help you to make the right choice for the well-being of your furry friend. Read on to know about the benefits of fish and different fish types that are safe (and unsafe) for canines.

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Benefits of Fish for Poodles

Fish is an amazing source of animal protein for poodles because it is effective against food allergies. It can reduce gastrointestinal problems in dogs and provides them with protein and useful Omega-3 fatty acids. These fatty acids are vital to keep your poodle’s skin and coat healthy and shiny. They also have a valuable effect on skin irritations, like itching or rashes.

The addition of anti-inflammatory ingredients to a poodle’s diet helps in preventing (and fighting) joint diseases, like arthritis. Similarly, fish is a brilliant substitute for maintaining the weight of your poodle because it contains less fat. Lastly, the skin of fish is loaded with a great protein (collagen) that is ideal for the bones and skin of old dogs.

Types of Fish that are Safe for Poodles

fish tails on a dark background with bits of ice

The best kinds of fish for poodles are those that are small and have a short lifespan. This is because they grow quickly and have fewer traces of mercury (a heavy metal).

Despite these traits, most of these fish still have to be cooked to make them safe for poodles. Fish prepared for dogs must be without seasoning, and should not be fried or smoked. Some of the best types of fish for Poodles are mentioned below.


Salmon fillets and some herbs and spices on a white background

Salmon comes from the North Atlantic and the Pacific Ocean. This member of the Salmonidae family is safe for dogs only when it is cooked. It has many essential nutrients, like vitamin B-12, selenium, and omega-3 fatty acids. Salmon is considered quite expensive because they cost around $5 to $8. Expensive harvesting and the difficulty of catching this fish in the wild are responsible for such a price.


Raw tuna steaks with a slice of lemon and rosemary on top on a white background

This member of the Scombridae family is found in almost all the oceans of this world. It is one of those few fish that can be fed raw to poodles. If you feel comfortable with giving raw fish to your pooch, make sure to remove the bones.

Tuna contains protein, omega-3 fatty acids, minerals, and vitamins. All of them help in promoting tissues of the brain as well as in reducing inflammation. They also boost the immunity of the dog to fight different infections. Tuna is considered to be a cheap and affordable fish that averages around $0.77-$1.


Small, whole sardines on a white background.

Sardine was initially discovered in the early 15th century in the Mediterranean island of Sardinia. This fish is a part of the Clupeidae family. Sardines (mostly canned) are one of the most suitable fish for poodles because of their nutritional value.

This small size fish is good for your pooch’s body, heart, and skin health. This common fish is quite flavorful and reasonably cheap ($1-$4).

Types of Fish that are NOT Safe for Poodles

Fish illustration on a white background with a red circle and slash as if to say "No Fish"

Almost every fish is risky for poodles when it is raw. This is because they have a lot of parasites that can infect your pup. Likewise, some slow-growing fish accumulate a great amount of mercury because they spend a long time in the water. According to FDA guidelines, the following kinds of fish are unsafe for dogs and must be avoided.


Shark steak on a white background.

This member of the elasmobranch group is considered very toxic for canines. This is because it carries the second-highest levels of mercury among all the fish. The reason for such an extreme level of toxicity is its long lifetime. If ingested, a shark can cause nuisances, shocks, and mental dysfunction to poodles.


Swordfish steak isolated on a white background.

It belongs to the Xiphiidae family and is not recommended for dogs to eat. Swordfish also has a lot of mercury and other heavy metals in its muscles. Similarly, they also carry dangerous parasites in their skin and other parts of the body. Your poodle can contract various health problems, like infections, by consuming this fish.

King Mackerel

King Mackerel steaks isolated on a white background.

This fish comes from the Scombridae family and is very toxic to Poodles. According to PetMD, they have unnatural levels of mercury in their tissues and can also harbor parasites in their internal organs, coat, and muscles. Eating this large and long-living fish can cause several different problems to your pooch.

How Much Fish Can Dogs Eat?

White poodle on a pier with blue skies and white puffy clouds in the background.

If you have chosen a dog-safe fish and cooked it well, it will be safe for your pooch. Just make sure that you give it in moderation and your poodle is getting a balanced diet. Fish is rich in some essential nutrients as well as micronutrients, but it does require other ingredients to complement it.

On the other hand, if you are only feeding fish to your poodle, many health issues can occur. Gastrointestinal troubles, like diarrhea and vomiting, are among the most common reactions. Therefore, experts believe that dogs should only eat a minimal amount of fish (almost 10% of diet) to stay fit.

Tips to Feed Fish to Poodles

Small fish fillets in a small white bowl, isolated on a white background

When it comes to feeding a fish to your poodle, we need to ensure all the necessary safety measures. The following are some vital tips that will help poodle owners to feed fish to their pets.

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