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How to Tell If Your Dog is Healthy

Is your dog healthy?  Here are 8 clues

We all know that a wagging tail is a sign of a happy dog.

But do you know the signs of a healthy dog?

Today, I’ve got a few signs that answer the question “is my dog healthy?”

Healthy dog eating habits

Healthy dog eating habits

At the top of the list of ways to know your dog is healthy is watching her eating habits.

If she eats every day, it’s an obvious good sign.

On the other hand, it’s also perfectly normal for a dog to skip a meal.

Sometimes, they’re just not hungry.

Just like people, they can feel a touch off and decide food isn’t appealing.

This usually passes in a couple hours.

And then Princess is REALLY excited for her next meal.

However, if she skips eating for more than 24 hours, you need to call your vet.

Something more serious could be wrong.

While we’re discussing food.

A healthy dog weight

A healthy dog weight

Keep an eye on your dog’s weight.

I know… roly-poly pups are ADORABLE!!

But even an extra pound or two on a dog can mean serious issues.

Overweight dogs suffer from all the same things that overweight humans do. They’re at increased risk of heart disease, diabetes, and more.

Plus, just one pound of extra weight can cause PAIN!

Their leg and hip joints aren’t designed to carry extra weight.

And our dogs can suffer serious pain if their joints are overburdened.

Bottom line …

Check with your vet to be sure you’re not overfeeding your dog.

What’s really great about these next tips is that they are FUN for both you and your Pup!!

Body check your dog

Body check your dog

You do it while you’re petting or hugging your dog.

Just run your hands all over your dog.

You’re checking for bumps and lumps.

They’re usually easy to feel while you’re petting your dog.

Sometimes it’s just a tick or a burr caught in the fur. Other times, it could be a cyst, tumor, or another injury.

Be sure to talk to your vet if you find anything out of the ordinary.

Body check time is also for checking your Pup’s coat.

It should be shiny, soft, and silky.

If it changes texture, talk to your vet and keep an eye on it.

Healthy eyes in dogs

Healthy eyes in dogs

This next one is fun, too.

You get to stare into your Furry Baby’s eyes.

They should be bright and alert.

The whites should be bright.

You don’t want to see yellow tint or blood vessels showing.

If you do, bring it up at your next vet check.

See why I love this batch of tips?

All I have to do is give my dogs some love.

And I walk away knowing how healthy they are!

Healthy puppy nose

Healthy puppy nose

Now, let’s talk puppy noses.

Most people know that a chilly, wet nose is a good sign.

A dry, cracked nose is uncomfortable.

And it can be a sign of fever if it persists.

On the other hand, it shouldn’t be a runny nose…

Those are awful no matter who you are!

Healthy ears in dogs

Healthy ears in dogs

We also want to check our Fur Baby’s ears.

While they’re ADORABLE (I’m in LOVE with my schnauzer’s puppy ears!!)

They can also tell you a bit about your doggy’s health.

You want your pup’s ears to be clean and free from swelling or odor.

If they smell bad, you want to check for wax buildup.

Swelling or sores mean a trip to the vet.

Your dog’s ears are critical for helping them maintain normal body temp.

So, regularly checking and cleaning their ears is very useful.

Healthy breath & teeth in dogs

Healthy breath & teeth in dogs

If your dog’s breath is bad, it could be a sign of a bigger problem.

It might mean tooth decay or digestive issues. To help keep tooth decay from setting in, dog toys that clean teeth can help.

Pupper’s gums should be pink and free from darker spots.

Spots, lumps, or growths could be painful.

And they can sometimes be a warning sign.

They could be simple sores, or it could mean cancer.

Checking your Pup’s smile weekly can help keep you ahead of trouble.

So, now you have 8 signs of a healthy dog!

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