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How to Make Homemade Flea Powder for Dogs

Yellow Labrador retriever laying on its 
 side while a person sprinkles powder on them from a bottle.

There are lots of flea powders for dogs on the market, but most of them are made from severe insecticides. They work, but not everyone wants their dogs, their kids, and themselves to be exposed to these kind of dog flea powders.

That’s where this DIY natural flea powder for dogs comes in. It’s extremely effective and it works really well without any chemical pesticides. It does this by using diatomaceous earth to kill fleas on pets.

How to Use Diatomaceous Earth for Fleas

Diatomaceous earth is a natural substance that is harmless to humans and your dogs, but =ierces the shells of insects and kills them.

You can use diatomaceous earth to kill fleas in a variety of applications. Many people use it by sprinkling it outdoors or around the edges of their home. But today we’ll use it as the base for our DIY flea powder recipe.

I recommend using this flea powder with one of the best natural flea shampoos for dogs that I’ve listed here.

By washing your dog first and THEN applying this flea powder, you’ll get better results.

Natural Flea Powder for Dogs Recipe

White powder in a wooden bowl on a wooden table next to a wooden spoon filled with white powder.


Each of these ingredients will work together to help kill the fleas on your dog and keep them flea free.


This recipe is super simple to make and to use. And dogs usually love the way it feels.

Mix all the ingredients together well. Put them in a shaker top container. You can buy these or poke holes in a mason jar lid. Store extra in tightly sealed plastic bags.

How to Use This Natural Flea Powder

Jack Russell Terrier puppy laying on a white rug

Here’s how to use diatomaceous earth for fleas on dogs.

Apply this flea powder along your dogs spine starting at their head and working your way down to the tail. Then brush the powder in going in the opposite direction. Avoid your dog’s eyes and your dog’s nose.

Rub the powder on the dog’s belly and legs. Get as much powder on your dog’s skin as you can manage.

Make sure you pay attention to right above the tail and the belly and groin area where fleas LOVE to hang out.

You can reapply this every few days in order to keep fleas under control.

You Can Also Use This Diatomaceous Earth Flea Powder Recipe to Kill Fleas in Your Home

White powder in a wooden spoon spilling on a light blue surface.

It’s not enough to just treat the fleas on your pet. If they are on your pet they are probably also in your house. But this natural flea powder is also safe to use in your home.

To use on carpets, all you need to do is shake it onto the carpet and let it sit for about 20 minutes and then vacuum up.

The vacuum will pull a lot of the powder out of the carpet, but some will be left behind and that part will still have the same action on the fleas.

If you’re using it on carpet make sure you color test an out of the way corner first to check to see that the homemade flea powder doesn’t stain. I could see that happening on a light carpet (my carpets aren’t light enough where it matters)

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Friday 31st of May 2024

I tried using some eucalyptus oil on my dog and he immediately began foaming at the mouth. I had put 4 drops on a cotton round and moved it all over his fur and moved it on tummy and chest. Did not go near head. I am very leary of eucalyptus oil for my pets.