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How to Find the Quick on Dog Nails?

Small light borwn Chihuahua having nails trimmed

Maintaining your dog’s nails allows him to be more comfortable while reducing scratches on your wooden floor. A second person to hold the dog is essential since you’ll need both hands to trim the nails. Not every dog enjoys getting its nails clipped. If your dog is one of them, it’s probably wise to get the help of a specialist.

How to Find the Quick on Light Dog Nails?

Hand holding up a dog paw with light colored nails and trimming the nails with a pair of nail clippers

The first thing that you should do while trimming your dog’s nails is to determine where the quick ends. If your dog’s nails are light in color, you can see the quick as a soft, pink tissue in the core.

Then, hold the paw of your dog up to the light. The quick seems to be a nail-within-a-nail because it is visible through the nail. Trim till you notice a pink dot in the center while looking at the cut edge of the nail. You must not cut into the quick since it will be very uncomfortable for your dog (and bleed).

How to Find the Quick on Dark Dog Nails?

Dog's paw with dark colored nails being  trimmed

It’s a little different learning how to clip dark dog nails than to trim light dog nails. The blood and nerve that make up the quick are not visible through the nail, which is the first thing you’ll notice.

You will need to lift your dog’s paw and gaze at the middle of the unclipped nail head-on to see the quick. The little black circle shows the beginning of the quick in the center of the nail. Do not clip any nail with a circle in the middle since you will clip into the quick.

If the center-circle is not visible, snip off the tiniest edge of the nail at a 45-degree angle. Check again to check whether the center-circle is visible. You’ve trimmed far enough when you notice the black circle in the center of the nail. Never cut through the quick because it is very painful and will result in severe bleeding.

What to Do if You Cut the Quick?

Golden retriever laying on its side against a tan floor with human hands trimming the dogs nails.

If you cut your nail too short, it will bleed. Similarly, cutting too much of your dog’s claws will also harm him/her. That is why many poodle owners are hesitant to clip their dogs’ nails. You’ll be clipping dog nails with confidence in no time if you can grasp the fundamental nail structure. Blood vessels and nerves make up the quick, which is the nail’s blood supply.

If a nail begins to bleed after being cut too short, apply pressure on the tip of the nail to stop the bleeding. Alternatively, dip the nail in cornstarch or styptic powder to stop the bleeding. It’s also important to keep your dog calm and quiet to avoid further damage or injury to the nail. The only other thing you’ll need is a plethora of treats.

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