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How to Use Coconut Oil On Dogs

Bottle of coconut oil with broken coconut on table with tea towel

Ah, coconuts! I love them! They taste great and smell amazing! If you are reading this, you are probably agreeing with me as well. Now, imagine your pooch running around smelling like coconuts? Smells good, doesn’t it? However, is coconut oil safe for dogs? That’s what we are going to find out here.

Is Coconut Oil Safe for Dogs?

For the most, if you want to use coconut oil for skin conditions and shampooing the answer is a 100%, yes! However, as with anything else, your dog may have an allergy to it, so please watch carefully after using anything new on your dog.

Coconut oil is not an essential oil like Lavendar, Chamomile or Tea Tree so there is no need to worry about diluting it. As you may know is a carrier oil, so you do not have to worry about it becoming an irritant or dangerous for your dog to digest.

Now, as I stated before, coconut oil is good for your dog for the most part. Up until recently many people believed that coconut oil was also good for your dog to eat. But that may not be the case. According to the ASPCA, which does not recommend giving coconut oil to your dog as a treat, it will not cause serious harm to your dog in small amounts, but may cause stomach irritation and diarrhea.

Is Coconut Oil Good for Dogs’ Itchy Skin?

furry puppy scratching

100%, Yes! Coconut oil is great for your dog’s itchy skin. Coconut oil has a long list of benefits for your dog’s skin, including antibacterial and emollient properties.

As you can see, coconut oil is great for your dog’s skin and even paws.

How Do I Apply Coconut Oil To My Dog?

dog having oil rubbed on its skin

Well, there are two ways to apply coconut oil to your dog’s skin. But first, I think it is important to start out in small amounts before using large ones. You may try applying to skin, leaving it on for a few minutes and then rinsing it off. Check to see if there is redness or any other kind of allergic reaction in the area. If all goes well, then it could be safe for your dog.

One way is to simply apply coconut oil to your hands, rub them together and run your fingers through your dog’s coat of hair. Be sure to let your fingers run deep through the hair and into the skin so that the coconut oil will take care of it and provide it with a beautiful, sleek and glossy appearance.

If your dog has dry skin, try applying coconut oil to trouble spots like under the arms, belly, anywhere your dog scratches frequently or anywhere you find dry skin.

Another way to apply coconut oil to dog skin is simply by using homemade dog shampoo which will make sure the coconut oil reaches your dog’s skin, leaves them smelling great and with a shiny coat. Here is a great recipe for a homemade coconut base dog shampoo.

Do I Have to Rinse Coconut Oil Off My Dog?

dog being rinsed with a water hose in a kiddy pool

Yes. It is always a good idea to rinse your dog off if you have run your fingers through their hair with coconut oil. Coconut oil is great for moisturizing the skin and giving your dog a beautiful coat and according to SitStay, you can wait till the next day to rinse it off. If you don’t rinse it off, may clog the pores, creating skin problems. If your dog goes out and runs around, dirt and leaves may stick to its coat a lot easier as well, which will mean you have to give him a bath sooner than later, so a quick rinse might be a the best thing.

Can I Leave Coconut Oil On My Dogs’ Skin?

wet chihuahua on a yellow background

I think if you apply coconut oil on your dog’s skin and coat, like I said before, it is a good idea to rinse your dog off. If you don’t, it may cause the pores to clog. And if you have a dog which loves to go outside, dirt and leaves may stick to its fur. So be sure to give your dog a good rinsing.

As for applying coconut oil to troubled spots, leave the oil on for a day or two but be sure to check the condition of the skin regularly for irriation.

Is Coconut Oil Good for Dogs’ Ears?

human hands applying liquid to dogs ear

Yes, coconut oil is great for your dog’s ears and according to the Good Stuff, applying a few drops every other day, may help smooth itchiness and aid in preventing ear mites. Dog ears can also get smelly, so this will aid in keeping them smelling great! However, if your dog has smelly ears it is always a good idea to check for ear infections, which is leading cause of stinky dog ears.

How Do I Give My Dog Coconut OIl?

chihuahua receiving medication out of a dosing syringe

The short answer is, in small amounts. Now, I know that coconut oil has been said to be great for people to consume, however, recent studies show that is not the case and the same can be said for dogs. There are pros and cons though to this issue, depending upon who you ask. I do not want to mislead you, so I will show you both sides.

Coconut Oil Isn’t Good for Dogs

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Coconut oil is 80% saturated fat. As you know, saturated fat is not good or is it? The overall impact of saturated fat remains a controversial subject. According to Dogs Naturally Magazine, coconut oil can also cause leaky gut and can irritate your dog’s stomach lining. Even though it contains the antibacterial agent lauric acid, which is a benefit, eating it on large quantities may increase toxic LPS which creates inflammation. On the contrary, eating more fish oils will produce an LPS which reduces inflammation. Check out their report here for more detailed information. And also, beware, if your dog suffers from diarrhea or lose stools, it might mean you are dog isn’t reacting well to coconut oil. Please consult with a physician.

Coconut Oil is Beneficial to Dogs

black and white bulldog with head tilted

Coconut oil is seen by some as a superfood. According to SitStay, it contains almost 90% saturated fat and within that is medium chain triglycerides (MCT) which can aid digestion, improve their immune system and metabolic function. Not to mention leaving your dog with a beautiful, shiny coat. They also claim that it provides your dog with more energy, aids with illnesses and speed up healing. Read more at Coconut Oil for Dogs – The Ultimate Guide 2020 for more information and even a chart showing how much you should be giving your little best friend.

The Bottom Line

Coconut not only provides a great smell, it also can aid in skin issues and provide your dog was an awesome coat. But as with anything new, start out small and see how your best friend reacts to coconut oil, whether you use it for their skin or as a dietary supplement. And above all, ask your veterinarian for their opinion on the subject.

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