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How To Donate to An Animal Shelter in Someone’s Name

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People like to honor their friends and relatives.This is a common practice done around the country. Family members like to honor their departed relatives by making an ice donation to their loved one’s favorite animal shelter.

It is a very nice gesture to make as your friend or relative is honored and remembered and the shelter is grateful for the donation. The process is not hard, and you can talk to the individual shelters in your area to see what they need.

No matter what you donate, it is a very nice thing to do, and the dogs will be appreciative.

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How To Donate in Your Friend’s or Relative’s Name

Adult and children's hands holding a jar of coins against a teal colored background

This is an act many people like to do. They want to honor their loved one or friend by making a donation to their favorite charity, an animal shelter. This is done all the time so your request will not be a surprise or a shock to anyone at the shelter.

On the ASPCA website, you will find a button that takes you to one of their web pages that helps you go through the process. All you have to do is click on that button and then follow the instructions

The first step will be to pick a card to use. Then you select the amount that you would like to donate and there are different amounts listed. After that, you give your billing information and then make the payment.

This is a simple and easy process to do. It is also painless when you want to do something for the person you cared about deeply. If you do not want to donate to the ASPCA, then check with your local dog or animal shelter to see how they do this special act.

You can call them, stop in at their offices, or see if they have a website with instructions on how to make this type of donation. Every dog and animal shelter will be grateful for all the help you can provide.

Doing it in someone’s name still reflects well on you.

Donating An Old Car or Truck

Old farm truck in front of a metal barn

This has been a trend over the past few decades. There are many old cars and trucks that are not roadworthy or have seen better days. Those vehicles would be too expensive to repair so it makes sense to donate them to a worthy cause.

A good animal shelter is a worthy cause and donating your old vehicles to them is one way to help the environment, help the shelter and clear up your property all at the same time.

This act may also give you a tax break when you need it most. Animal shelters in your area may or may not do this so you need to check with them first before dropping the car or truck off on their lot.

Recycling old cars, selling old parts, etc., helps raise needed cash for the shelters. You do not lose out when you make a donation in someone’s name in this manner.

Check it out, as junkyards and parts dealers do not pay very much for old cars and trucks. This is a good way to get rid of a piece of junk without feeling taken or insulted.

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Why Make Any Donation at All?

Hand dropping coins in a jar labeled "Donate"

You may not be familiar with how animal shelters or dog shelters work. There are a lot of hidden expenses that take up what limited resources they get. Food costs are getting higher each day, electricity, water, and heating bills are going up and on it goes.

The shelters have a hard time keeping up with those expenses as it is. They do need help as they want to find loving homes for all the animals that come through their doors.

The donations they get help to cover the costs of food, toys, blankets, towels, cleaning supplies, and more needed items. Donating in someone’s name is a good way to honor your friend or relative while helping out a needy and worthwhile cause.

You may not be able to adopt but you certainly can find old toys, blankets, etc., to give to the many shelters in your area.

Some Final Words

Kennels in a animal shelter with dogs looking at the camera

There are a lot of organizations looking for a handout. But few are as worthy as animal shelters. Take time to consider what you can do for those helpless animals. They did not ask to be unwanted, out on the street, or placed in a shelter. They only asked to be loved and cared for.

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