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Why You Should Donate to Animal Shelters

Man holding up a puppy face to face at an animal shelter

Dog shelters are a necessity. These organizations do a lot for the many unwanted dogs that come across their doorstep. Depending on the shelter, that number can be quite large. These shelters help get strays off the streets, so you and your family are safer.

The people that work at these shelters do a lot for the dogs under their care. That is one reason why you should donate to dog shelters. You are helping your neighbors earn money, help the economy as well as help the many unwanted dogs who did not ask to be there.

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Why You Should Donate to Animal Shelters

There are a lot of very good reasons why you should consider this act of mercy and kindness. We gave you one of them and there are more coming up. No one at these shelters wants to see a dog destroyed.

Especially when they have so much more left to give to a family. Here are some more reasons you should make a donation today:

The Donations Keep the Doors Open and The Lights On

Power meters

Most dog shelters do not get public funding to operate. Your gifts of money and other items help them continue to help dogs find a new home. Private shelters help the city administration as it gives the public officials somewhere to bring stray dogs to when their shelter is full

Houses More Dogs

Your donations make it possible for these dog shelters to help more dogs find safety, shelter, and a new home. The longer a dog can stay in the shelter the better their chances of finding a new owner they can be a companion to and protect.

Cuts Down on Euthanasia

yellow lab laying on a floor with an IV in its arm and a hand petting its head

Those dog shelters that get donations can avoid the tragic event of putting unwanted dogs down. This is very emotional for the shelter workers, something they would rather avoid.

Plus, with the extra funds, they can keep those dogs longer until a good home is found for them. Your donation can save dogs as well as spare humans this emotional time.

If You Can’t Adopt, You Can Still Help

That is the bottom line here. Not everyone can adopt a dog. Their living situations just do not allow it. However, you can still help by making donations to dog shelters allowing someone else who can adopt to have the time to find the right pet for them.

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What Kind of Donations Are Needed

Variety of dog supplies spread across an orange background

When people use the word donations, the first thought that comes into a prospective donor’s mind is how much they want. It is a fair thought but not all shelters are looking for money

They need other items as well. If you can’t afford to give some money, these items are appreciated, and the dog shelter is equally grateful.

  1. Your time- Dog shelters are always happy to have extra help
  2. Toys- The ones the shelter gives them get chewed up eventually. They always need a new supply of toys for the dogs in their care
  3. Bedding- This does not have to be new, but it should be clean and in fairly good condition. Shelters need a lot of towels, blankets, and other bedding material for their dogs
  4. Heating pads- Yes, some female dogs do give birth in a shelter. It is not their preferred location, but it does happen. Heating pads help keep newborn puppies nice and warm, so they have a chance at life
  5. Food- This is always something dog shelters need. Big dogs eat a lot of food and to keep them healthy dog shelters need food for all sizes of dogs. Even dog snacks are welcome as it is always a good thing to give a treat to a dog even when they are unwanted
  6. Cleaning supplies- As you are well aware, dogs can make a mess. Cleaning supplies help make sure their stalls are healthy and free of bacteria or germs. That way they are safe to adopt and take home

When You Donate Your Time

Man in a volunteer shirt hugging a dog in front of dog kennels

One great donation is to adopt one or two of these cute dogs but if that is not possible there are other things you can do to help make their lives more comfortable. Here are things you can do when you donate your time:

  1. Walk the dogs
  2. Clean kennels
  3. Aid with feeding
  4. Go to adoption fairs
  5. Get some good shots of the animals and put them up on the web and social media.
  6. Play with the animals
  7. Read to dogs
  8. Answer the phone
  9. In charge of website administration
  10. Helping with direct mail campaigns
  11. Other office help


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Some Final Words

Two woman holding puppies, talking in front of dog kennels

When you have the time or the means, it pays to donate to a dog shelter. Your local shelter will be very grateful for your kindness as this is not easy work to do.

Take some time and think about what you can do for these unwanted pets. They need you.

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