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Easy DIY Dog Projects

Yellow Labrador Puppy on white background with metal food bowl

Having trouble finding the perfect dog bowl for your pup? Tired of knocking over your dogs water bowl that sits on the floor? If your answer was yes, then these easy DIY dog projects are for you.

Dog Bowl Painting Ideas

Chalkboard Dog Bowl

White dog food dish full of food with a black dog bone painted on it with the name Rover painted in white

I thought this DIY was adorable and EASY!! Anyone from beginner to pro can work a spray can of chalkboard paint.

If you’re not thrilled with the idea of spray paint, you can also buy a brush on version and nearly any hardware store!

You can find the original post on Modern Dog Magazine, but the instructions are right here!


  • A white ceramic bowl. A six-inch cereal bowl is a solid choice.
  • Chalkboard finish spray paint, available at your local hardware store for less than $10.
  • Frog tape/ painter’s tape
  • Chalk


  1. Now let’s get started! Using the tape, cover all areas of the bowl you do not want to cover with the chalkboard paint. The only area left exposed should be that which you wish to spray paint. We tried three different designs—a banner, an oval, and the whole bottom of the bowl—all to great success.
  2. Now take the taped off bowl outside or into a well-ventilated workspace and spray the unmasked area with the spray paint. Once the paint is dry, peel off the tape, and voilà—you’re ready to take your chalk and write your dog’s name or a statement on his cute new dish!
  3. Pro tip: make sure to firmly adhere the edges of the tape so that the spray paint cannot seep beneath! If you peel off the tape (once the paint has dried!) and find the edges of your painted area aren’t as crisp as you’d like, refine the line by using a dry paper towel wrapped over your fingernail to scrape away the part that’s not smooth.
  4. Cleaning the bowl: be sure not to use anything abrasive when cleaning the outside of the finished bowl. The chalkboard paint can be scraped away if you use a scouring pad.

Dog Bowl Craft

Metal dog bowl decorated with vinyl letters and decorative tape.

This dog bowl makeover comes to us from Must Have Mom. This is such a cute and easy idea, and since you use decorative tape, the possibilities are endless.


  • 1 package of vinyl letters (found in the hardware section)
  • I package of decorative tape (art supply section)


  1. Now use your vinyl letters and affix your pet’s name to the center of the bowl.
  2. Next use your decorative tape and run a line above and below your dog’s name.
  3. Repeat on the other bowl.

That’s it! Since the vinyl letters are resistant to water and elements these personalized dog bowls should last a long time.

DIY Dog Bowl Holders

dog feeding platform made from 2 metal bowls and a  wall hanging shelf

If you are looking for a more permanent place for your dog bowls, this shelf style dog bowl holder is for you. Its easy and inexpensive


  • 2 Shelf L-Brackets
  • 1 Shelf board
  • 2 dog bowls with a lip


Your shelf board size will depend on the size of your bowls. You will want to make sure that both bowls will fit side by side with plenty of room around them.

  1. Using your bowls as a template, place your bowls on the shelf board in the position you want them, flip the bowls upside down and draw a circle around them.
  2. Measure the lip on your dog bowl. If your lip is 1/4 inch deep, make your circle 1/4 inch smaller. Then cut the circle out by drilling a hole in the middle to allow for your jigsaw to make the cut.
  3. Once you have both holes cut, test to make sure your bowls fit. If they fit, sand the cut edges to get rid of any rough spots.
  4. Screw your L-bracket to the bottom of the shelf board, then attach it to your wall at a height that will be comfortable for your dog. Be sure it is secured in a stud or using drywall anchors so that it remains sturdy.

Easy Things to Make for Your Dog

small brown puppy playing with dog toy on furry rug

There are so many easy things you can make for your dog. These projects also make great gifts for the dog lovers in your life. Want to learn how to make even more easy DIY dog projects? Check out our posts on how to make dog collars and leashes and DIY dog squeaky toys.

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