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What Is the Most Hyperactive Dog?

Boxer dog standing on a beach

There are three types of dog breeds. The ones many people want are the calm, couch potato dogs. Then there are those people who like the 2nd dog breed, those dogs are active and need regular exercise.

Finally, there is the 3rd dog breed. This one takes a special dog owner to handle and care for. This third dog breed is the hyperactive and the top dog breed in this category is the Dalmatian

These dogs were bred to run for miles beside a horse-drawn carriage. Then they were to protect the horses. They have more energy than some pet owners are ready to handle.

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What Is Considered a Highly Active Dog?

There has been some confusion over the years between defining a hyperactive dog and a very or highly active dog. The former category actually is quite rare to find in any dog breed. That is because hyperactive dogs are unable to fully relax in a familiar setting.

A hyperactive dog also has an elevated respiratory and heart rate, a short attention span, and other traits not found in over-active dogs. A highly active dog is what is known as a high-energy dog.

These are dog breeds that do not get their physical, mental, and social needs met on a daily basis. They will be those outdoor dogs that were originally bred to be hunters, retrievers, and similar activities.

A walk in the park is nothing to them and they will need a lot more strenuous exercise to calm down. There are ways to calm your highly active dog down. One way is to really give them a lot of exercise that will expend that pent-up energy they have built up over the day.

Then, you need to work their mind and give them some games that challenge their thinking. Finally, watch the food they eat. The cheaper dog food has ingredients that contribute to their over active behavior.

At What Age Do Dogs Calm Down?

Shiba Inu asleep on a persons lap

There really is not one size-fits all dog breed answer to this question. Usually, this change in behavior is done on an individual basis, and dogs calm down at different times in their lives.

According to some experts, the puppy loses a bit of their energy levels when they reach adulthood. This takes place usually around their first birthday. Then by age two your dog will lose most of its puppy energy but may still be very active.

Finally, you can count on your pet to calm down by age three. Just be forewarned that those dogs bred to herd and do other extreme activities may never calm down.

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Dog Breeds Considered To Be Hyperactive

Border Collie

Border Collie laying in a grassy field

This is a working dog that was bred for herding sheep, cattle, and so on. They need a lot of physical activity to be able to live their life in the best way possible.

Australian Shepherd

Australian Shepherd outdoors with a river and hills in the background

Another dog breed bred for herding and work. To keep boredom away make sure your Australian Shepherd has a lot to do each day. It loves and needs to work, just like the Border Collie.


Basenji outdoors standing in grass and dandelions

Another dog that is full of energy but not bred for herding. It is just a very hyperactive pet that needs a lot of constructive activities to calm down. If they don’t get it, they can start chewing or barking.

Siberian Husky

Siberian Husky jumping outdoors

A great choice for a pet if you are a very active person. This dog breed should be able to outlast you when it comes to energy levels. It loves the outdoors but just does not leave it alone for long periods of time.

Jack Russel Terrier

Jack Russel Terrier running and jumping outdoors

Made famous by the television show Frasier, this dog breed is a ball of energy. It needs regular exercise to get rid of that force or it will find activities that are not approved and will get them into trouble.


Poodle jumping up catching a ball outdoors

One of the most intelligent, as well as hyper or over-active dog, breeds you can have as a pet. You need to give it lots of exercise as well as mental challenges to make sure it calms down and stays out of trouble.

Honorable Mention


portrait of a boxer sitting outdoors

This dog breed needs at least an hour of tough exercise each day. If not, all of its energy will find some alternative activity that may not be nice to your home.

Some Final Words

While hyperactive dogs are rare, there are plenty of dog breeds that will make you think they are hyperactive. However, with the right amount of exercise and attention, your over-active dog should calm down and act normal.

Just because they are over-active does not mean they are not good companions or guard dogs. Some of the best guard dogs are over-active breeds.

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