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What Is the Ultimate Family Dog?

Family portrait outdoors with a golden retriever

There is a reason why dogs come in all shapes and sizes. Plus, they come in all sorts of abilities and special gifts. That reason is people are all different. They like different things, and different activities and want their pet to be included in their lifestyles.

With all of these differences, it all means that there is a dog for everyone. There is no one size fits all dog breed. If everyone is happy with their family dog, then they have the ultimate family dog.

To find the perfect dog for your family or yourself, there are some aspects of finding a dog that remain the same no matter who you are.

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Dog Qualities Matter

Golden retriever laying on a rug in front of a couch with a couple and their daughter

When you are looking for a pet to match your lifestyle, there are some qualities you should be looking for. These criteria apply to all dog breeds:

1. Temperament– Your new pet needs to have the right personality for your family, yourself, and your lifestyle. Some dog breeds are very adaptable while others are not.

Calmer dogs form better relationships with kids. Most aggressive dogs work better as watchdogs.

2. Size– This one-time size does not matter as you will find larger dogs who are gentle and patient, and small dogs who are very aggressive. And vice versa. Pick the size that fits your living arrangements the best.

While large dogs can be gentle giants, they can also knock small children down. Then small dogs may be too fragile for small children. This is up to your judgment.

3. Energy Level– If you are not the type of person that does not like a lot of exercise, then an active outdoor dog is not for you. If you like a lot of energy then a dog who likes to sit at home or in the shade is one dog breed to avoid.

Analyze your lifestyle to help you find the ultimate family dog.

Questions You Need To Ask

Girl and boy walking a golden retriever on a leaf covered trail with a couple of adults walking behind them.

These few questions are here to get you started on the right path. There are other important questions you should ask as well when looking for the ultimate family dog.

1. Will the dog be safe for all family members?

This is a tough question to answer as dogs respond to the treatment they are given. Not all family members treat dogs correctly.

Then there are dogs who will adapt to everyone and others that will adapt to just one adult.

2. How active is the dog?

There are breeds that are not active at all, and others that are very active. You need to ask this question to help you find a pet that matches your level of activity when you are home.

3. Are they easy to care for?

Some dog breeds are low maintenance while others are not. Then you have to look at grooming needs as well as health concerns to see if you are going to have to pay for a lot of medical bills.

4. How old do you want your new dog?

Most people like puppies but when you get a puppy you have to sacrifice a lot and be ready to train. Older dogs are already trained and they are just as loving as puppies are.

5. Is this dog friendly with other animals?

Another important question to ask when you have cats, rabbits, and other household animals in your home. You will want them all to get along and there are some good dog breeds that love being friends with other household pets.

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One Dog Breed To Consider

Portrait of a Corgi outdoors with its front paws over a fallen tree

There are many dog breeds that are purebred and are quite popular. When bred right it is hard to go wrong with a purebred dog breed. They are also quite a status symbol when you want to show off to your friends and clients.

However, there is one dog breed you should consider for the ultimate family pet. Actually, it is not a single breed of dog but one that comes with multiple breeds in its heritage.

They are often called mutts but that label does not reflect how good these dogs are. They come with all the traits all dogs come with and they will be affectionate, loyal, watchful, and playful just like purebred dogs.

They can be great with small children, larger children, friends of the family, and you. They just need the chance to prove how good a dog they really are.

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Some Final Words

A couple and a small child on a white couch with a Chow dog

Finding the ultimate family dog is not that hard. You just have to know yourself, your family, and the lifestyle that you all live. Then do some research to find a dog breed that meets your criteria.

Be flexible as not all dog breeds will match all of your criteria. Then make sure to treat that dog well when you bring him or her home. That way you are assured of getting the ultimate family dog.

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