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What Is the Best Dog If You Work All Day?

Dachshund on a couch with something torn up

Work and pets do not always go together. This is one of the biggest reasons why some people do not get a pet. They think it is unfair to the dog to leave them at home all day alone. But they may not be looking at all the dog breeds or doing thorough research before they come to this decision.

Coming home to a dog who only shows complete love is one of the best feelings after having a hard day. Think twice before you come to this conclusion as there are dogs you can own and they are fine with being home alone all day.

Coming home to someone is better than coming home to an empty house.

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What Breed of Dog Can Be Left Alone During The Day?

There are more dog breeds than you may think that are fine with being home alone while you work all day. One of the ones that are not is the most popular dog in the world, the Golden and Labrador retrievers.

These dogs are far too active to have to sit around all day waiting for their master to come home. What follows are those dog breeds that CAN endure being alone while you work.

Bassett Hound

Portrait of a Bassett Hound outdoors next to a lake

This dog breed loves to sleep all day when it is not out-tracking some scent.


Chihuahua standing on hind legs in a kitchen

A very small but not hyperactive dog. Those character traits are perfect when you live in a small apartment or tiny house. Get two so they are not lonely.


Portrait of a Maltese outdoors laying on a picnic blanket

Is another small dog that is perfect for those with allergies. Known as a hypoallergenic pet, this dog breed can handle being home alone. But they will greet you enthusiastically when you return.

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Greyhound laying in a grey dog bed

A very fast dog that only runs when it has to. One of the reasons they make great pets when you are working all day is that they are lazy. They should be in the same position when you get home as they were when you left.


Portrait of a Chow dog outdoors

A very low-maintenance dog breed that does not suffer much from separation anxiety. They have a high tolerance for being home alone.


Portrait of an Akita outdoors on a hill

While they do not hate being alone, they prefer it if you were there with them. This dog breed should not be destroying the house while you are at work.

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Honorable Mention

Bull Mastiff

Bull Mastiff outdoors

A very calm and easygoing dog that likes to relax. They do not need or want a lot of exercise and enjoy their time alone at home. They may be large but they are more of a couch potato than anything else.

What Dog Can I Leave Alone For 8 Hours?

There will be times when you will not be working but want to spend your day in places that do not allow pets. These dog breeds should accept that absence gracefully.


Whippet outdoors standing in a grass field

Just like the greyhound, this dog is extremely fast but it is also lazy. It doesn’t mind being home alone for hours on end for then it gets a break from performing its dog duties.

Lhasa Apso

Lhasa Apso running in a field with grass and dandelions

A very independent dog breed that knows how to take care of itself. It is okay with being home alone for long stretches of time which should help you relax a bit while you are away.


Portrait of a Beagle standing in a grass field

The secret to leaving this dog breed home alone for 8 hours is to give it plenty of exercise before you leave. Make that exercise strenuous so they release all their pent-up energy.

Shar Pei

Shar Pei dog standing on a pebble beach

A great guard dog that will protect its home from intruders. But they are also calm dogs which helps when you leave them home alone. Plus, they are cute dogs with all those wrinkles and skin folds.


Close of portrait of a pug's face

The word is that these dogs prefer to sleep the day away. They are known to sleep for up to 14 hours each day as they do not care for a lot of exercise.

French Bulldog

French Bulldog standing outdoors on a sandy beach

This is another fun-loving dog breed that likes to cuddle when you are home. However, they can go about their day on their own as they are not very energetic and like to sleep a lot.

Honorable Mention

French Bulldog

French Bulldog looking up at the camera

The perfect dog breed for those people who live in apartments. They enjoy being home alone and should not anger your neighbors while you are away. They are easy to train as well.

Some Final Words

It is never good to be alone. If you are and have to work, do not worry. It is okay to get a dog because there are more than these dog breeds who can handle life alone while you work.

Don’t come home to an empty house. You should live longer when you have a companion waiting for you at home.

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