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What Is the Most Sociable Dog?  

Overhead view of 2 dogs sniffing each other

There is a slight distinction. It is said that a well-socialized dog is a friendly dog. These terms may be used interchangeably as you cannot have socialization without friendliness. The most popular dog breed right now is described as the friendliest dog breed you can buy today.

If you train your dog to be social, then you are getting the benefit of it being nice and friendly as well. Here are some of the most sociable dog breeds you can buy.

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The 10 Most Sociable Dog Breeds

The Labrador

Labrador retriever outdoors

This is almost everyone’s favorite dog breed and its popularity proves that true. For 30 years it has been the top dog of all dog breeds and its sociability and friendliness are two reasons for that monopoly.

You just have to be able to handle the energy the Lab comes with. It is possible that they will outlast you in the energy department.

Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever sitting outdoors in grass

Another top dog that is very popular. This dog breed comes with a lot of confidence which helps make them popular with humans. Then what makes them so special is that they will obey when given the command to sit or stay.

They will not move until their masters tell them to. They also love to spend time with people as well as other animals.

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Beagles outdoors looking up at the camera

When you want a dog that loves to cuddle and snuggle. This dog breed is very friendly and sociable and enjoys playing with the kids. They were bred to be in packs so they love being with other animals as well.

Just make sure they are on a leash when you take them outside. They will explore once their noses catch a great scent.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels outdoors standing grass

There are lots of spaniel variations but this seems to be the most sociable of them all. The reason for this is that they were bred to be companion dogs.

Their place is with their families and they do enjoy other people also. This dog breed is very gentle, good-natured, and affectionate. Plus, they get along well with other dogs, etc.


Close up of a pugs face

They may not be the cutest dog on the list but they are almost second to none when it comes to being sociable. They do love being around other people, other dogs, and other animals.

The key to making them sociable and having them cuddling next to you is to be gentle. This is not a rugged breed so you can’t roughhouse with them.

Boston Terriers

Portrait of a Boston terrier outdoors with autumn colors

One of their character traits is that they love to make new friends. This trait makes them easy to train to be sociable as well as friendly. They enjoy being affectionate also.

This dog breed adapts very well to different situations. That means they are at ease playing with children, other dogs, and dog-friendly cats. Just remember they are like the Pug and are small dogs that like gentle play.

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Irish Setter

Irish Setter sitting outdoors in grass

A dog breed with a carefree attitude is most owners’ dream. That characteristic makes the Irish Setter easy to train and to make sure they know how to socialize well.

Another character trait is that they love to make friends. That means they will socialize with people you do not know, not to mention other dogs and those dog-friendly cats.

Border Collie

Border Collie laying outdoors in grass

This dog breed is said to be the most intelligent dog breed around. That is both good and bad. While a friendly dog, it has a hard time breaking its natural instinct to herd.

This dog breed aims to please so training them to be sociable should not be a hard or complicated task.


a pair of boxers sitting on a dock

Despite their facial expressions, these dogs are said to be the class clown. They love attention which makes them a very social dogs to have at home. They will return the attention when they receive it.

They are so sociable, you need to train them to hold back and not jump on people when they meet them. Just give them plenty of exercise to help keep them calm.


Portrait of a collie outdoors in grass

Lassie, the Hollywood star, has done a lot to make this dog breed famous. He has shown them to be intelligent, loving, and loyal. Plus, they are very sociable. They love to be with their families.

The key to having this dog breed in the house is to make sure they get all the exercise they need. This is good because they love the outdoors.

Some Final Words

Not every dog has to be a guard dog. Even sociable and friendly pets will sound the alarm when something is not right. But when you have kids, you want a very good sociable dog to make sure everyone in the family gets along.

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