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What Is the Most Passive Dog?    

Yellow lab puppy laying on the ground outdoors

Not everyone likes aggressive behavior. Dogs are the same way. They do not always get along with those more aggressive dogs. Aggressive dogs are not always great for children, especially when the children are small.

Owning a passive dog will make things calmer around the house. But because they may be passive does not mean they won’t warn you of impending danger. They just go about it in a quieter manner. Here are some passive dogs for those pet owners who do not want aggressive behavior around the house.

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The 10 Most Passive Dog Breeds

Basset hound

Bassett Hound standing next to a tree

You may wonder if they are still alive since they do not tend to move very much. They have a very easy going manner about them that lets a lot of actions slide.

While great with children, they do need to be trained to be sociable. Their training should go fast due to their intelligence and eager-to-please attitude.

Bernese Mountain Dog

Bernese Mountain Dog laying outdoors in grass

You may think that this large dog breed would be more aggressive. But these gentle giants seem to have a very passive heart. They also have a lot of gentleness in their personalities.

These dogs are eager to please, plus their intelligence makes them easy to train. One characteristic that stands out is that they are very patient with children.


portrait of a Brittany Spaniel outdoors

When you have other dogs and cats around, this dog breed will fit right in. They won’t be an alpha dogs but are friendly and gentle with both animals and children.

Their natural hunting instincts make them good sporting dogs and they love being outside. That is where they find their adventure and they love adventure. To keep them out of trouble, make sure they get a lot of outdoor time.


Portrait of a Bulldog outdoor

This is another dog breed whose looks deny their true personalities. They may look mean and aggressive but deep down inside they are a very calm and easygoing pets to have.

Because they have a docile nature, they make great family pets. They will enjoy a nice walk outside but prefer to be near their masters. They also adapt to all sorts of situations.

Great Dane- another dog breed whose looks and size say one thing but their behavior says something else. They may grow to a large size and be imposing but you will find them to be a very easygoing pet to own.

Their personality is rarely aggressive, so you know you can trust this dog breed around children. The drawback to owning this dog is that they need space and they eat a lot of food.

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Portrait of a Greyhound outdoors in a field

They may look like they need a lot of extra food at each meal, but they don’t. Their lean build helps them have lightning speed but not enough stamina.

This is one of the most passive dog breeds you can buy as they love to sit in the shade and watch the day go by. Plus, they are very gentle, docile, calm, and peaceful pets.


Portrait of a Newfoundland dog outdoors

Another giant of a dog that is gentle to the core. This dog breed comes with intelligence, courage, and most of all loyalty. When you want size but not aggression, look to this large dog breed to meet those requirements.

They also take everything in stride as their patient nature lets children and other animals do what they want to them, within reason of course.


This dog breed looks a lot like the greyhound and has the speed to keep up with that other dog breed. They also like the shade and lack the stamina to run for long periods of time.

What makes them great family dogs is their gentle and friendly nature. They can adapt to different living situations and rarely bark.


Maltese dig running in grass

The very definition of a lap dog. This small breed is no threat to anyone and rarely are they aggressive. They love being friendly and enjoy being with their masters, although they can be overly protective at times.

Along with being on the passive side of things, this dog breed is low maintenance and comes with a very luxurious coat. They also love making new friends.

Bergamasco Sheepdog

Bergamasco Sheepdog standing in a grass field

Being bred as a guard dog does not take away any of the goodness that this dog breed is famous for. These dogs come with a very calm demeanor and are very social dogs.

Their claim to fame is that they develop unique friendships with different members of your family. What disguises their good nature is their size and shaggy coat.

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Some Final Words

Passive dogs are great pets, especially when you live in an apartment. They can be very quiet dogs that do not get into trouble when you are not at home. Your neighbors should not complain about them at all.

The great thing about owning a passive dog is that they are very family-orientated and make great family pets.

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