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Which Way Do You Hold Dog Nail Clippers?

Close up of hands holding dog nail clippers, trimming a dog's nails

Nail clippers are an essential tool for grooming dogs. In addition to trimming fur, nails and claws, nail cutters help dogs with nail problems.

These instruments are also used to clip dog ears. Owners of dogs with long nails must use nail clippers carefully to avoid injuring their dogs. Holding the tool correctly helps you avoid cutting your pet. It also makes it much easier to clip nails safely.

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Tips & Techniques for Holding Dog Nail Clippers with Confidence

Closeup of a person trimming a Jack Russell Terrier's nails

Nail clippers for dogs can be complicated and difficult to use, particularly for new dog owners. However, with some practice and the use of a few useful strategies, you can gain the ability to confidently grip them and cut your dog’s nails in a secure manner.

When it comes time to trim your dog’s nails, there are some procedures you should follow that will make you feel more at ease with the task. These steps are applicable regardless of whether you are using a guillotine-style clipper or a scissor-style clipper. In this post, we will share some tips and techniques on how to confidently hold dog nail clippers in order for you to maintain the health and grooming of your pet’s nails.

What Direction Do You Cut a Dog’s Toenails?

Person clipping the  dew claw of a white dog

There are several ways to hold nail clippers that make it easy to cut your dog’s nails safely. One method is called ‘the claw.”

Using this method, you rest one hand on top of your dog’s paw while using the other hand to hold the nail clipper. This lets you easily cut both of your pet’s paws at once without bending or twisting too much muscle in your hand or wrist.

Another way to hold nail clippers is known as ‘the hang.’ Using this method, you rest one hand on top of your dog’s paw while using one hand to hold the nail file edge down from the paw with fingers extended outwards and away from each other at an angle. This prevents you from cutting your dog’s fingers when clipping their nails.

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Some Final Words

A pair of guillotine dog nail clippers

It is important to know how to hold nail clippers safely when grooming your dog. Many owners do not realize they are holding the tool incorrectly until they injure their pets.

To avoid injuring your pet, you must always hold the tool straight down from the paw when clipping nails. In addition, there are other ways to hold nail clippers that make it easy to clip your dog’s nails cleanly.

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