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How Do Groomers Cut Big Dog Nails?  

Close up of person trimming dog nails
Cropped photo of a little dog’s paw. Dog getting procedure at the groomer salon. Puppy is getting trimmed the nails.

Big dogs aren’t easy. These larger dog breeds are harder for groomers to handle. The main reason for this is that these dog breeds come with a lot of strength. It is easy to move their paws out of the way of the clippers or grinders.

That is why groomers buy different types of dog restraints. These restraints hold the larger dog in place making it easier for the groomer to cut their nails. The good thing about these restraints is that they do not hurt the dog in any way.

These restraints are a good idea if you are going to trim your larger dog’s nails at home

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Kinds Of Restraints That Groomers Use

Groomer with a golden retriever restrained on a grooming table

There are about 3 or 4 different kinds of dog restraints that are safe to use by a groomer. They do come in different sizes to make sure all dogs can go through their nail clipping time safely and without being able to move too much.

Here are those dog groomer restraints that you can find in most pet outlets if you want to do this task yourself:

1. Tether With Suction Cups– There are a variety of designs and colors for this handy tool. It is made for those dogs that do not resist too much when getting their nails clipped.

Depending on the brand you buy, these tethers are about 20 inches long. They should hold your dog in place even if they resist a little.

2. Self-Adhesive Hook– This is a variation of the tether and suction cup. The groomer just attaches the hook to the wall and lets it set for a while. Then when their dog customer comes in they take the leash and hook it to the cleat.

The cleat is round and does not have an opening so the dog cannot work its way free. The stainless steel cleat should take years to rust.

3. The Cable And Stand– This is an efficient way for groomers to restrain a dog. Usually, two cables or leashes wrap around the front and stomach of the dog and then hook together at the stand.

This option gives the groomer plenty of working room while the dog is held in place. Plus, these cable and stand set ups make sure the dog cannot lie or sit down so they can’t hide their paws.

4. The Hammock– These come in different sizes so a groomer can hold a small, medium, or large dog right where they want him or her. For larger dogs, you would want the XXL size.

When the groomer is ready, the dog is placed in the hammock with both sets of legs going through the appropriate holes, keeping them nice and comfortable. The dog cannot move while you trim those nails.

All of these restraints are not that expensive, ranging in price from about $7 to $40 with the Hammock being the most expensive.

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How Do Groomers Cut Difficult Dogs Nails?

Close up of dog getting its nails trim

It is hard to clip a difficult dog’s nails. No matter what a groomer does, there can be a lot of resistance. Here are a few steps that groomers take to help immobilize the dog or get them calmed down.

Step one- Gather their supplies. This may include a hammock just in case the dog does not take to having its nails clipped. The groomer will have styptic powder on hand just in case something takes place and the quick is cut.

Step two- The groomer tries to put the dog at ease. This is not always easy as some dogs just will not calm down and the whole nail clipping time is one big fight.

Generally, the groomer will speak softly to the dog, pet them and let them get used to the clippers before starting the trimming. They may even give your dog a treat to help reward them for good behavior.

Step three– The groomer will position the dog and that position will be up to the groomer and how they were trained. Often for large or difficult dogs, the groomer has someone help hold the dog still.

There are many positions for this and here are a few of them:

  1. Sitting side-by-side with the dog and reaching out their paws
  2. Picking the paws from the front, so the paws are in front of you
  3. Holding the dog on the lap or a steady surface
  4. Sitting behind the pet and flipping paws backwards

Step four- finally, they isolate the paw and hold it while they complete the nail trimming. They do not let go until they file the sharp edges of those cut nails.

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Some Final Words

Grooming difficult dogs is made easier when you use good restraint. These restraints do not hurt the dog, just keep them immobile till the nail clipping is done.

Pick the restraint that your dog will fit into comfortably. They do come in a variety of sizes to make sure all dog breeds can have their nails trimmed.

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