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How Do You Know When to Stop Grinding Your Dog’s Nails?

Closeup of a person grinding a dogs nails

Grooming is a careful task and when it comes to grooming your dog, you cannot just go at it carefree. There is a lot of work involved and each step of the way you have to be careful that you do not make a mistake.

When you make a mistake, your dog will get hurt. For example, when you are clipping your dog’s nails, you need to stop at the quick. Going past that point will injure your dog, cause them pain, and have them bleed.

The same point is for grinding as well. Do not grind past the quick or your dog will hurt.

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How Often Should You Grind Dog’s Nails?

Close up of a person grinding a poodles nails

When you are going to grind your dog’s nails at home, the ideal time frame is once a month. That is if your dog’s nails are normal and do not grow very fast. When that is not the case you may have to grind them twice a month.

For example, when your dog has long, over-grown nails, you should trim them back every two weeks. When they return to normal, then you can cut down on their grinding time.

One thing you will notice as you grind regularly, the quick will retreat further back so your boundary is a little bit longer. You can grind till you get to the quick or you can stop a little bit short of it.

Just grind to the point you are most comfortable with. Keep in mind that the longer you leave those nails, the more you have to trim them. Pick the right length according to your dog’s nail growth and your schedule. You want to do this work when you have the time.

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Does Grinding Dogs Nails Hurt Them?

Close up of a person with pink nails grinding the nails on a black dog paw

Generally, no, grinding does not hurt your dog. Unless you are a bit wild with the grinder and hit their paw or leg. Or if your dog is a fighter and likes to jerk its paws out from your hand.

Those are extreme situations and while the former is rare, the latter can happen quite often. But if you are a skilled nail grinder, then there is only one way to hurt your dog using a grinder.

That is when you go past the quick. This boundary should never be crossed as it will cause your dog some pain and make him or her bleed. It is important to keep your pet’s nails trimmed all the time.

If their nails are too long, then your dog will not be able to walk comfortably and develop some strange walking habits. Plus, they could be in pain as well. Or if you do not have carpet on your floors, your dog could slip and slide and again, hurt themselves.

If you do have carpeted floors, then those long nails can snag a fiber and pull the nail out. Those are just a couple of reasons why you trim those nails on a regular basis.

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What Shape Should Dog Nails Be to Grind?

Woman holding a pug while grinding its nails

The normal shape for a dog’s nails should be that they do not extend past the end of the paws. But they should still be seen. If your dog has long hair, this may not be possible to watch unless you move the dog hair out of the way.

It may take a while for those nails to become overgrown. They tend to get worn down when your dog walks on hard surfaces like pavement, sidewalks, and so on.

When you are ready to grind, those nails need to be longer than their paws. There is no particular shape they have to be in, just long. When you go to grind, be mindful of the quick, and do not forget the dew claw.

The dew claw is the one that is up high on your dog’s ankle and it does not get worn done from daily activity. When your dog’s nails get long, the quick go out further, making it easy to cut.

Just be mindful of where the quick is and make sure to trim those dew claws down without hitting the quick either. If you hear those nails on your hardwood or other floors, then it is time to grind them down.

Some Final Words

Close  up of tan dog paws with black nails

Grinding your dog’s nails is a mandatory duty. If they get too long, then they will cause your pet a lot of discomfort. Grind them about once a month to make sure they never get that long.

Also, be careful when you do it as you do not want to hurt your pet. Take it slow until you master the art of grinding.

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