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Should You Hear Your Dog’s Nails on The Floor?

Close up of a pair of dog paws on hardwood floors

Not all clicking is normal. There will be times when you will hear our dog’s nails clicking on the hard floor. When you do, you have to determine whether this is a natural sound or one telling you your pet’s nails are too long.

At certain times, it is okay to hear your dog’s nails touch the floor. When he or she is running, or maybe doing a trick or two and this is not uncommon. Generally, though, you should not hear your dog’s nails touch the floor.

If you do, that is a sign that they are too long. When you hear that sound, check the length of those nails. If you don’t trim them you can cause a lot of discomfort to your pet.

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Are Dogs Toenails Supposed to Touch the Floor?

Brown and white dog laying on hardwood floors

Yes and no. There will be times when the sound is natural because your dog’s paws are put into a position where the nails will touch the floor. You can be playing with them, they may be running through the house or doing some other activity that causes those nails to hit the floor.

This is normal and natural. But when you hear those nails when your dog is merely walking. Then this is not normal and those nails need to be trimmed.

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How Do I Know If My Dog’s Nails Are Too Long?

Tan dog paw resting on the palm of a hand isolated against a tan background.

There are several ways to know if your dog’s nails are too long. The first way is you will hear them as your dog walks. Depending on the dog’s breed, this sound is not normal when a dog is walking.

It is the sign telling you that you need to trim or grind those nails. Another way to tell if those nails are too long is by looking at them. If they extend past the end of the paws, then those nails are too long.

It doesn’t take much time to trim or grind those nails and if you do this job regularly then it won’t take any time at all. A third way to tell is when your dog’s nail gets caught in the fibers of the carpet or rug.

That is a good sign telling you that you should trim their nails. If the dog is lucky, he or she won’t pull the nail out.

There Are Ways To Quiet Those Nails

Tan dog paws standing on hardwood floors

If the clicking sound is a bit annoying there are different methods to stop the clicking sound. One way has already been discussed, you just get out the trimmer or grinder and take care of those nails.

Once they are short enough, the sound will go away. But if the sound is from some other activity, you can always put dog boots on your pet’s feet. This only works if your dog accepts those boots and lets you put them on.

Another option would be to buy what are called claw covers. These will hide those nails and make sure they do not scratch anything valuable. Next, you can get some more carpets or rugs placed on your floors.

Both of these ways work well and may even give your pet a nice place to lie down when they are tired. Finally, you can train your dog to walk slower, even when they are excited. This may take some doing but it can be done.

Some Final Words

Chihuahua wearing a red bowtie getting its nails clipped.

When you own a dog, it is inevitable that you will hear its nails clicking on the floor. The best thing to do is determine if your pet needs its nails trimmed or not. Then apply the right solution to stop the noise.

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