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Why is My Dog Digging Holes All of a Sudden?

Dogs might develop a love for digging out of nowhere because it is their natural behavior. However, some other reasons could also be responsible for this annoying behavior. If your dog has started digging holes all of a sudden, keep reading to know about all the possible causes.

Natural Behavior

The first and straightforward reason for sudden digging of dogs is their genetic nature. They inherited this habit from their ancestors. Pooches use digging to hide their favorite toys or leftover food. Similarly, it can help them to protect against other canines and potential threats.

Some common breeds that are more enthusiastic for digging include Jack Russell Terrier, Siberian Husky, Border Collie, Cairn Terrier, Beagle, Schnauzer, and Dachshund.

Cooling Purposes

Brown dog sitting in hole dug next to house in flower bed.

Mostly, in summer when the weather is too hot dogs might start to dig holes suddenly. This is because they want to find a cooler surface to lay down themselves. This not only provides them with a cooler surface but also protects them from hot air. Sudden digging is also a sign that your dog is on the edge of overheating, so you should take some cooling measures straight away. But don’t take him/her straight to the air-conditioned room, instead give water and bring it to a nice ventilated space. This is because a sudden shift in temperature may shock your dogs.

Sign of Warning

Siberian Husky with head poked out of a hole in the ground.

One of the most common causes for sudden digging is the escaping habit of dogs. This is because it is a sign of a warning for owners that I’m done and it’s time to say goodbye. Most dogs decide to escape because something in the outside world is fascinating them.

It can be another dog or a person, a favorite toy, or some delicious food. Other than that, fear, anxiety, and feeling of being ignored are some of the biggest reasons of escaping.

Needs Attention

West Highland White Terrier with a dirty face in a overgrown wooded area

It is quite surprising for many owners when the most well-behaved canines decide to start digging holes all of a sudden. This usually happens only when you are busy and your pup wants your attention. Therefore, this behavior can be called an attention-seeking technique.

It also happens when you are too attached to your pooch and he/she wants your attention whenever you are around. Don’t encourage such behavior by fulfilling your dog’s desire because it can lead to negative behavior. Instead, teach your pooch proper manners through training to resolve this problem.

Found Something!

Chocolate Lab licking its lips looking down into a hole in the ground.

Dogs have a strong sense of smell and hearing. Hence, they can smell buried things and hear underground creatures, like bugs, because of their high-pitched frequencies. If your dog is digging holes and continuously sniffing the soil, it’s quite likely that he/she has found something under the ground. Most hunting and retrieving breeds have this habit (due to their historical background) as they want to accomplish their goals.

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