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10 Dog Breeds that Begin with Y and Z

Portrait of a Yakutian Laika outdoors

Yorkshire Terrier

These dogs are commonly known as ‘Yorkies’ and were originally developed to control rodents. This dog is among the most popular breeds in the world and makes a strong with their families.

Yorkshire Terriers are loud, protective, and loyal. All these qualities allow them to become excellent watch or guard dogs. Despite their small size, these pups are naturally active and enjoy a high level of energy. They love to be involved in dog sports and need plenty of exercise. Therefore, they are NOT suitable for small places and apartments.


Yorkinese was developed in the United States by crossbreeding a Yorkshire Terrier with a Pekingese. It is one of the most popular designer breeds in the world. Likewise, these loving pooches make an excellent family dog. They are also excellent as apartment dogs.

They are very loyal and protective of their owner and are always wary of strangers. This makes them an ideal candidate to serve as a guard or watchdog. Yorkineses are ONLY recommended for experienced owners because it’s hard to train them.

Yakutian Laika

Yakutian Laika outdoors standing in grass field

Yakutian Laika was bred as a sled and hunting dog in the North-Eastern part of Russia. This medium-sized canine has a compact and well-muscled body. If trained well, the members of this breed can prove to be good family dogs.

Yakutian Laikas have a bold and friendly nature, and they love to be with humans. However, they are always wary of strangers and don’t get along well with other pets. They are NOT recommended for new owners because of their excessive exercise and training needs.


This dog breed was developed by mixing the Papillon and the spunky Yorkshire Terrier. This companion dog was first bred in the United States. Yorkillons love to be with their families and always try to please their owners and grab their attention.

These sweet and playful canines are suitable for people living in small houses and apartments. Yorkillons can be trained easily if the Yorkie is less dominant in the mix. This is because Yorkshire Terrier can be a little stubborn while Papillon is quite humble.


Yorkipoo standing on fallen log

This dog breed is the combination of a Yorkshire Terrier and a Toy or Miniature Poodle. Also known as ‘Yorkie-doodles’, these pooches love to be with humans and make a very cuddly pet. They also make a strong bond with the children because of their gentle and affectionate demeanor.

Yorkipoos can be excessively loud and even destructive at times if they are not getting proper attention. These dogs have fewer exercise needs and are comfortable in apartments and small houses.

Yorkie Russell

This breed was created by mixing the Yorkshire Terrier with a Jack Russell Terrier. Despite their small size, Yorkie Russells are very energetic and enjoy a big personality. These dogs are very affectionate and are always trying to seek the attention of their people.

The demanding exercise and training needs of Yorkie Russells make them difficult to train. Therefore, new parents are not advised to go for this breed. This is because these canines can’t be tamed without the right amount of attention and training. 


Yoranian laying in grass at base of tree

This breed is often referred to as ‘Yorkie Pom’ because it is a cross of Pomeranian and Yorkshire Terrier. They were originally developed as companion dogs and grab a lot of attention due to their charming looks. As a result, Yoranians are also considered a designer dog.

These loving and playful pups make a good addition to any family. However, they are not suitable for busy people because they always need your attention. They don’t like to stay alone and can develop negative habits if left alone for hours. Yoranians love to learn tricks and adapt well to apartment life.

Yorkie Bichon

close up of a Yorkie Bichon behind a gate

This hybrid breed originated in the United States by combining Bichon Frise and Yorkshire Terrier. Yorkie Bichons are smart and curious companions at home who make a strong bond with their people (including children).

These alert and energetic pooches can be used as a guard dog. Likewise, their playful and loving nature makes them an excellent pet. A Yorkie Bichon is not suitable for novice owners because he/she can be aggressive if proper training is not given.

Yorkie Pin

This breed was developed, in the United States, by crossbreeding the Miniature Pinscher with a Yorkshire Terrier. These dogs are very intelligent, quick, and adventurous. All these natural traits of Yorkie Pins make them excellent rat hunters. However, their loving and affectionate demeanor makes them fall into the category of family breeds.

These dogs can be quite stubborn if they are not treated well. Likewise, they need regular exercise and sporty activities to stay happy and content. Therefore, this breed does demand a house with some free space.


Zuchon laying on a couch

This dog was bred by combining the Shih Tzu and Bichon Frise. Zuchon is a very adorable and friendly dog that can be a good addition to any family. They love to be with humans and make a loving bond with the kids.

Zuchons are always eager to please their owners and are quite fond of dog sports. They are very manageable even for new owners because of their easygoing personality and intelligence. Likewise, they can also adapt well to apartment life and houses with no yard.

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