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7 Large Dog Breeds For Apartments

Mastiff laying in grass

Some dog lovers prefer smaller dogs that they can easily carry, but others prefer larger dogs and choose a large dog breed as a family pet. Large dog breeds have higher energy levels for play and generally need a huge area to live in along with other special needs that must be met. With so many different breeds to choose from, deciding which type is best suited for a family living in an apartment can be difficult, which is why we have prepared a list of 7 large dog breeds that are suitable for apartments.


Close up of Mastiff outdoors

Mastiffs are the type of dog that will look good on you if you think size matters. But before you decide on adopting a mastiff, you must commit to putting him through a training process because you will definitely get him in trouble if you don’t teach him how to behave. Mastiffs are as trainable as other dogs and are dedicated to their masters.

Being large and bulky, Mastiffs are not as flexible and fast as smaller dog breeds. This characteristic makes a mastiff prone to becoming sedentary. One of the distinguishing characteristics of a mastiff is its need for a permanent company with people, keeping you from getting anxious.

Doges de Bordeaux

Doges de Bordeaux standing on a grass covered hill against a blue sky

The Doges de Bordeaux is said to have the largest head of all dog breeds, in proportion to their body. He is a powerful dog. This dog will generally live 10 to 12 years. It is also called the French Mastiff. The Dogues de Bordeaux is a dog that is strongly associated with its human family.

One characteristic of mastiffs, in general, is that they are not packed societies like most dogs. Due to this tendency, this dog prefers relationships with humans to relationships with other dogs. Anyone who has a French Mastiff will know how close a dog is to them. This dog does well with children and will be patient and calm with them. The Bordeaux grows into a solid and powerful dog, yet it must be taught its place in the human family.

Saint Bernard

Saint Bernard sitting on a graassy hillside with a backdrop of mountains

A Saint Bernard puppy or dog is one of the funniest dogs. Originally used to locate helpless and frozen travelers stranded during snowstorms in the Swiss Alps, Saint Bernard is believed to have come from Switzerland and helped stranded travelers on the bumpy passage from Switzerland to Italy.

These days, Saint Bernard is no longer used for snow-covered rescues. They are used in cart pulling and weightlifting competitions. Saint Bernard is a large dog who loves to have fun. He or she could be a good watchdog and a family dog. Its size and bark alone would be enough to scare some people.


Bullmastiff laying in the grass

Bullmastiff is a wonderful breed of dog, but before adopting a Bullmastiff puppy, you must first have a basic understanding of this breed. You must also be prepared to handle a powerful dog. This type of dog is very agile and athletic. These dogs are a huge breed that can weigh between 110-133 pounds.

The Bullmastiff is a confident, fearless very loyal dog breed. They can also become very attached to their owners. The Bullmastiff is not bred for hunting, so it should not show signs of aggression.

English Bulldogs

English Bulldogs sitting in the grass outdoors

English Bulldogs are known to be short in stature but stocky. Another well-known characteristic of the English bulldog is that it has a very wrinkled face. They make excellent family pets and get along well with children. They have no problem being around other pets or environments where there could be a crowd of people. Unlike other bull breeds, the English Bulldog is a very playful and charismatic dog.

English Bulldogs cannot spend a long time in the heat. English Bulldogs can easily overheat and lead to fatigue. English Bulldogs tend to breathe and snore a lot, which is a trait that you will have to get used to.

Clumber Spaniel

Clumber Spaniel sitting in the grass outdoors

Clumber Spaniel is a large dog that was initially bred in the United Kingdom. This dog also tends to be sensitive to heat. Therefore, you should never leave a Clumber Spaniel without shade. Leaving a dog without shade has been shown to often lead to an uncomfortably high temperature and dehydration. Clumber Spaniel is a kind, loyal and loving pet. Although your dog loves interacting with people and is fun to be with, you should always keep an eye on him.


Close up headshot of a Newfoundland

The Newfoundland is a very loyal dog, which has been used for years as a water rescue dog due to its natural strength, endurance, and ability to swim. Originally bred in Newfoundland, this breed was therefore captured by poachers while traveling the banks. Interestingly, there are two different types of Newfoundland. Although most of them are black in color, one of them is a plump, larger breed with a long coat, while the other cultivar of the same breed has a soft, more active coat.

Newfoundland is a large but agile animal. His expression is sweet and gentle. Unfortunately, some people misunderstand this breed and expect a dog to be high maintenance when nothing is closer to the truth.

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