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9 Large Dog Breeds For Families

Boxer leaning on fallen tree

When a family especially those with children are looking for dogs they may think that they need to get a smaller breed. If the dog has a good temperament and is trained correctly a large dog can make a great pet. In this article, we have compiled a list of 9 large dog breeds that are good for families. These dogs have calm temperaments and they are loving creatures. These dogs may be big but they are full of love.

Golden Retriever

Close up of Golden Retriever outdoors looking up

This dog breed has been popular for many years due to their sweet temperament. The dogs are devoted to humans and they want to please. They are very friendly with children and they enjoy playing including games of fetch. This breed has high energy and will need a lot of exercises. 

These dogs can also make some great guide dogs if needed. The retriever is outgoing and they have been known to get along with people of all ages. They want to play and go for long walks.

Bull Terrier

Close up of Bull Terrier outdoors looking into the camera

Over the years this breed has gotten a bad name. When they are raised with the love they are very loving and loyal dogs that love to cuddle. These dogs are good-natured and they are lovable. They are protective of their family too.

The owners should be aware of the fact that this breed exhibits the characteristics of Bulldog but is also a member of Terrier Group. They need to be trained from an early stage in life and there is no limit to what a Bull Terrier can do if trained patiently and in a positive manner.


Boxer riding in a car, looking silly  with his bottom teeth sticking out and slightly sideways

This is a very playful dog breed. They raise their paws and it looks like they are sparring when they are just looking to play. This breed is athletic and all they want to do is have fun with their family.

Boxers are high energy and need ample of exercise daily. They make a great addition to any active family. They also need early socializing and training session to channel their excess energy in a positive way. Their short hair requires very little grooming.

Great Dane

Great Dane laying outdoors in grass looking into the camera

These are some of the large dog breeds that can be pet. They can grow up to 32 inches tall which is bigger than most children. They may be large but they are good dogs for the family. These dogs can be depended on and they are loyal to their family. They are friendly and they have the patience to get along with children. This dog breed is really just a gentle giant.

Portuguese Water Dog

Portuguese Water Dog laying on brick staircase

This dog is said to be a working dog but it also makes a great family pet. The muscular tone of the body does not mean that it will harm. This dog loves to play and wants to be a member of the family. Like the name states, this breed loves the water. This is a great pet for a family that wants to spend the day on the water or near the lake. The dog will jump right in and play with humans.


Close up of Collie sitting next to persons legs

This breed has been a popular choice for families for many years. While they are a larger breed of dog the collie is gentle. They are peaceful and have the patience to get along with children and other pets. They are sweet and kind in nature and they are also very intelligent. The Collie may be timid by nature so it is important that they are socialized. They are loyal to their families and will make great pets.

Basset Hound

Close up of Basset Hound with his ears being held out by human hands

This dog was once known as a hunting breed. Now it is a great pet for the family.
The dog is patient and easy-going. They get along well with children and other pets that may be in the home. The basset hound is calm when inside but will need regular exercise and will need to be taken for walks. The dog tends to mature slowly so a family can enjoy a basset hound that is in the puppy stage for at least two years.

Labrador Retriever

Close up of chocolate Labrador Retriever outdoors with grass and trees in background

This may be a large breed but they are one of the best overall breeds. This is the most popular breed in the United States. The dogs are very loving and they enjoy playing. They love a good game of fetch and they are silly at times. This dog does need to be socialized but they can get along well with humans and other dogs. This breed loves to please and they want to be around their family. They will make themselves right at home with the family.

Greater Swiss Mountain Dog

Close up of Greater Swiss Mountain Dog laying in grass

Also known Swissies, they descend from the war dogs initially originating from the Alps. They are large and strong workers famous for their dense coat of black, white and red markings. This breed of dog is faithful and family-oriented that gets along well with children.

They require moderate exercise and training sessions. Swissies are very food motivated and respond to training when food is used as a reward.

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