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8 Dog Breeds that Travel Well

Man and woman standing on rocky shore with dalmation

Traveling is something like a lifestyle for some people as they can’t resist themselves from planning a trip every year. However, it can be problematic for dog parents to travel because they have to leave their canines behind. However, there are some travel-friendly dog breeds that can accompany you on your trips. Some of these breeds that travel well are discussed below.


Chihuahua leaning out of car window

These small dogs are incredible traveling buddies for their owners. They are very loving and tend to create a strong bond with their mates. In addition to that, they can be also considerably friendly with strangers. Although Chihuahuas are a little bit excitable, they can be controlled through training.

The small size of a Chihuahua is a massive advantage when we talk about traveling. They make an excellent companion because they don’t need extra space or a seat of a plane. Likewise, they are quite comfortable in a car and need less food and exercise.


Dachshund in a harness and leash on a city sidewalk

These canines love adventures, especially when they are with their people. A Dachshund will follow the owners everywhere, even if he/she goes to the bathroom. They are suitable for traveling because they can easily fit in the carrier of planes as well as in the front seat of a car.

Thanks to their adventurous nature, Dachshunds are picture-perfect for camping. Some of their nasty habits, like nipping, make them dangerous for families with small children.


Dalmatian sitting in front seat of car

This breed was originally bred for fire-fighting or guarding and is quite popular as a training dog. They are ideal for long trips because Dalmatians are incredible runners and hikers. On top of that, it is quite easy to teach them traveling manners.

Dalmatians are usually very close to their owners because of their pleasant nature. These pups can handle any kind of weather. Therefore, this travel-friendly breed can be your perfect companion whether you are visiting a cold or a hot destination.

Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever riding in a car with head stuck out of window

This joyful breed travels extremely well, especially if you are making a road journey. Golden Retrievers are amazing family pets because they love to spend time with kids. They are very energetic and tend to play a lot more than most of the other breeds.

Although they are a bit larger than some of the other breeds on the list, the friendly behavior and quite nature of Golden Retrievers make them a good travel companion. These understanding canines continue to enjoy themselves even if they are getting less exercise while traveling. The only condition is that they should be in the company of their loved ones.

Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retriever with head poking out of back window of red car

Labradors are one of the most popular dogs in the world because of their amiable nature. They find it incredibly easy to make friends with new owners as well as strangers. They are able to do so because all they want from humans is attention.

Although Labrador Retrievers are not suitable (too big) for a plane journey, they are ideal for road trips. They can easily adjust to the new environment with new people that they come across during the traveling. These travel-friendly dogs also enjoy activities, like camping, hiking, and running.


Maltese with head out of car window

This delightful breed is actually perfect for traveling through airplanes because of their small size. The quiet nature of Maltese means that they won’t disturb other passengers by doing any mischief. They are the best possible companion for the owner if he/she wants to visit a colder region.

The Maltese also like to ride in a car and you will always find them smiling throughout the journey. This behavior of these canines is quite similar to a young kid. They have a friendly nature that allows them to make new friends very easily. The only drawback is that you can’t travel to a place with excessive heat with them.

Portuguese Water Dog

Portuguese Water Dog laying on a beach

The members of this breed are very energetic and love to do new adventures. Portuguese Water Dogs don’t need excessive training because they are intelligent and smart canines. They have a friendly nature and show an excellent demeanor with small children. For this reason, they are often regarded as excellent family pets.

Portuguese Water Dogs are always ready to please their owners. The name of this breed clearly explains its love for the water. Therefore, if you want to travel well with these canines, plan a vacation at a lake or beach. They are amazing swimmers and won’t give you a single dull moment on the entire trip.

Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire Terrier hanging out of car window

Just like Dachshunds, Yorkshire Terriers also like to follow their owners everywhere. They do so because they have extraordinary affection for their people and always want to stay in their company. These pooches are extremely confident and like to socialize with other dogs.

Yorkshire Terriers are small in size and have minimal weight (around 6 pounds). This means that they can easily be adjusted in tiny spaces. They are fabulous for traveling by planes, even if you have to go a long way. They also need less exercise that ensures smooth travel for the owner.

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