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Do Beagles Shed a Lot?

Beagle laying on a dog bed

Beagles are very loyal dogs, and that character trait helped them become one of the more popular dog breeds in the world. However, their loyalty does not extend to keeping your home clean from their dog hairs.

This dog breed is a short-haired pup, but it still sheds a little. They do not shed like long hair dog breeds, but dog hairs are dog hairs and getting rid of them is a must. That is if you do not want your mother-in-law to see them.

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Do Beagles Shed a Lot of Hair?

The bad news is beagles do shed their hair. It will get everywhere in your home if you do not learn how to control that shedding process. Since it is a natural process, you will never stop it completely.

However, there is some good news. Beagles do shed a lot of their fur. You will have as much hair to clean up as a long-haired pup. Just where that hair goes depends on where you let your dog go when he or she is in the house.

Of course, your feet may drag some in from outside. When you are a dog owner, you can expect to see shedding no matter what dog breed you own.

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It Is a Natural Process

Hands holding the shedded fur of a beagle with the beagle sitting in the background.

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That is one fact that you have to accept when you own a dog. They are not plastic, aluminum, or made from other materials. They have flesh, blood, and hair just like you do. The shedding process helps your dog replenish their fur just like your hair does when it loses some naturally.

Also, the shedding process is important to your pet. It is one way they regulate their body temperature. That act helps keep them healthier and avoid overheating.

The other two things this shedding process does is improve blood flow as well as bring essential oil to your dog’s skin and fur.

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How Much Fur Does a Beagle Shed

Overhead view of a beagle laying on a tile floor next to a dog brush and shedded fur

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This dog breed is classified as moderate and heavy shedders. That means that they tend to shed every day. That means to control it, you need to groom your moderate shedder about every 2 to 4 weeks.

Heavy shedders may need some type of grooming or brushing every day to control their falling hair. Then Beagles are considered a two-coat dogs. They have an under and a topcoat. This means their heaviest shedding period is in the Spring.

The Beagle’s double coat is why they are classified as moderate or above shedders than their short coat counterparts. That double coat is what will get them in trouble every time.

While Beagles may have short fur, they like to shed to make sure it is always nice and new.

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Some Final Words

Beagle sleeping on a sofa

Beagles have some of the best personalities and characteristics most dogs would love to have. Their loyalty is strong making them great family pets. However, you just have to watch that shedding.

It can leave a mess of dog fur all over your home before you know it.

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