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Do Collies Shed a Lot?

Portrait of a Collie standing outdoors

Collies are regarded as moderate to high shedders and will lose a lot of hair throughout the year. Hair loss will increase even more during the shedding season. This is because they have a double coat and will shed/grow it to regulate their body temperature. Keep reading to know more about why Collies shed a lot and learn how you can manage their shedding.

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Why Collies Shed?

Some of the major reasons that can trigger your dog to shed excessively are discussed below.

Seasonal Shedding

Collie standing on a rocky river's edge

Collies will shed quite heavily in spring and fall because they change their coats to prepare themselves for weather changes. They will get rid of their soft undercoat in the spring to ensure that they stay cool in summer. Similarly, they would grow it back during the fall to welcome the winter and loose hair will be shed.

Health Issues

Collie at the vet

Several hormonal diseases, like Cushing’s disease, are responsible for excessive hair loss in dogs. Medical problems (such as cancer and kidney disease) can also trigger your Collie to shed more. All these issues can be difficult to detect and will require professional diagnosis. Likewise, parasitic infections and allergies (food and environmental) are also among the common causes of excessive shedding.


Over head view of a Collie laying on hardwood floors with a dog dish in front of it full of food

Many owners rely too much on protein for meeting their Collies’ dietary needs. This is not a very good idea because dogs need a variety of nutrients in their food to stay healthy.

For example, they require several vitamins and minerals that can be obtained from fruits and vegetables. Similarly, they need a good quantity of healthy fatty acids to keep their skin and coat healthy. Lack of proper nutrition can lead to a range of problems and abnormal shedding is one of them.

How to Manage Shedding for Collies?

The following are some effective ways to control the shedding rate of your Collie.

Treat Medical Problems

Collie being examined by a vet

It’s highly recommended to take your pooch to the vet as soon as you observe abnormal shedding. It will help you to determine any underlying issues that could be triggering this behavior. In case of a medical problem, the vet will provide a suitable plan of action for recovery.

For example, a course of antibiotics could be prescribed for an infection. Likewise, you could be advised to change the dog food if the shedding is being caused by a food allergen. In most cases, treating the health issue will solve the shedding problem as well.

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Groom Your Dog

Collie being combed by a groomer

Regular brushing can go a long way in preventing excessive shedding in dogs. This is because it removes the dead hair from the skin and spreads the oils to ensure proper moisturization. Similarly, your Collie would need a bath or two per month to keep its skin clean. Bathing removes the excess dirt and dander from the skin and coat. You can also use a dog-safe shampoo to make the hair soft and smooth.

Improve Diet Quality

Yellow dog food dish full of food against a white background.

If your Collie has developed patches on the skin without any underlying health issues, a dietary deficiency could be the reason. Try to change the dog food and get a well-balanced formula that could fulfill the nutritional requirements of your pup. You can also choose to cook your dog’s meal at home after consulting with your vet. He/she can guide you about the right ingredients and ensure that you get the desired results.

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