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Do Standard Poodles like Water?

Poodle at the beach

Yes, standard poodles like water, and they enjoy a splash of water, especially in summers. They were hardworking retrievers who came from Europe, notably Germany, and used to work with hunters, recovering poultry from lakes and rivers. Poodle’s distinct coat dries fast and requires little upkeep when they’re regularly wet. Keep reading to know more details about the relation of standard poodles and water also learn how to train them for swimming.

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Why Standard Poodles like Water?

Poodles originated in Europe, but whether they originated in Germany or France is a point of contention. Pudelhund is a German term that combines two words: Pudel, which means “to splash,” and Hund, which means “dog.” They are known as Caniche in French, which originates from Chien Canard, which means “duck dog.”

The Poodle’s unusual coat is due to the breed’s origin: it was designed to dry quickly and require minimal attention when they’re frequently wet. Given the breed’s history, it’s no surprise that a well-bred Poodle from working lines enjoys spending time in and near water.

A poodle’s coat is thick, curly, and water-resistant, in addition to being well-styled. Poodles can swim because their moist fur isn’t weighing them down. They also have only one coat, unlike other dogs, who have two. Similarly, they have more webbing between their toes than most dogs, similar to how people have skin between their fingers. They can paddle through the water as if they had been granted flippers.

Poodles at miniature and toy sizes have all of these morphological qualities. Their sole distinguishing feature is their size.

Do Standard Poodles Like to Swim?

Standard poodle running in shallow water at the beach

Yes, it is true, Poodles are great swimmers that like being in the water. They were developed for duck hunting hundreds of years ago in Germany; therefore, swimming is in their DNA.

Nothing beats a refreshing swim in the summer heat. Dogs like swimming and playing in the water with human beings. On hot summer days, a poodle likes being taken swimming with you at the beach, river, or pool. It’s a better way for them to have fun and burn off some energy.

How to Train a Standard Poodle to Swim?

Standard poodle retrieving toy from water

Poodles are not all created equal. Some poodles despise water or at least a portion of it. Every dog has a unique personality and life experience. Just because poodles were raised to be around water doesn’t guarantee they’ll always enjoy it. You may have to train your dog to swim at some point. The following are some guidelines that can help you to train your poodle to swim.

Familiarize Them with Water – if you have never introduced water to your dog outside of their drinking bowl. You should help your canine the many noises, feels, and aromas that a lake, pond, or pool generates instead of their typical tap water in a bowl.

Begin with a Small project – Keep your canine in shallow water at first, especially if it’s one of the smaller kinds. Get into the water yourself and urge your dog to join you with treats. Rewarding and praising poodles is a positive thing.

Keep An Eye Out for Fatigue – Swimming is a method for people and poodles to get some exercise. It can help your pups work out more than conventional walking, which might become fatigued fast if they don’t follow it regularly. Keep an eye on your canine while they’re in the water to make sure they don’t become tired and don’t make them stay in the water any longer than they want to.

What to Do if Your Standard Poodle is Afraid of Water?

Standard white poodle with front paws on a rock at the waters edge

Some poodles are afraid of water, but there is a technique to help them overcome their phobia and learn to swim. Some dogs, however, are afraid of or apprehensive around water, which can make the experience less pleasurable for everyone involved. You can do many things to make your dog swim with some planning and practice. Read on to learn about some solutions that can help your pooch to overcome his/her fear.

Throwing Treats

Pile of different sized treats on a table

If your Poodle is afraid of water, toss goodies into the tub to assist them so they can get into the water. Begin small and basic. Maintain a modest depth in the water. That will allow your furry friend to get all four paws wet as well as their nose wet (as they go for the treats)

Providing Safety

Ascertain that the dogs are aware of how to exit the water. It is critical for the poodle’s protection to know where it may be exiting the water body at all times. Poodles are notorious for being unable to climb pool ladders! Demonstrate to your dog that there is a path to safety, and it will gain confidence.

Avoid Yelling

Woman with red hair wearing a white t-shirt, with hands thrown up and mouth open as if screaming, against a teal background

Yelling at a dog will not help. When you shout, dogs become more afraid and uneasy around you. Taking a dog into the water and getting it acclimated to being wet is the best method to make it less fearful of water.

Take a step into the water and call your poodle’s name with a big smile on your face. Your furry friend may not come when you call its name the first time. However. consistent efforts can win the game, and you will be able to make your canine swim without any fear.

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