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Goldendoodle vs. Cockapoo

Diagonally divided picture of a Goldendoodle and a Cockapoo with the word versus in the middle

Goldendoodles first appeared in America in the 1990s. This is an innovative dog breed that was intentionally bred by breeders to get the best version of the parent breeds. On the other hand, Poodle Mix Club mentions that the first Cockapoo pup was born by chance. If you are confused between both these breeds, this guide will help you to solve your problem.


Portrait of a Goldendoodle outdoors

This dog breed is a result of crossbreeding a golden retriever with a poodle.  According to American Kennel Club,  the newfound doodles’ name was coined in 1992. Goldendoodles are vigorous, brainy, and affectionate canines. The combination of their physical beauty and lovely nature is the reason why these pups are extremely popular.


Cockapoo outdoors lying in wildflowers

A Cockapoo is another fun-loving doodle breed that enjoys your attention and affection. Lover Doodles confirm that Cockapoos were developed by mixing Cocker Spaniel and the Poodle. The Cocker Spaniel gives qualities of out-going and individuality, while the Poodle gives intellect and affection to your Cockapoo.

These dogs do well in all living situations because they are adaptable and adjust well. They are ideal with kids because of their smaller size as compared to goldendoodle. However, some of these pooches prefer to have older owners.

Differences Between Goldendoodles and Cockapoos

Both these canines have adorable personalities, but they do have some marked differences as well. The following table can be quite helpful to make your decision about which of these breeds more suitable for you.

Characteristics  GoldendoodleCockapoo
  Height  12-24 inches  9-15 inches  
  Weight  15-30 pounds  12-24 pounds  
  Temperament  Active Intelligent Welcoming Trainable  Affectionate Loyal Social Alert Friendly Out Going
  Social Needs    Social breed and interact with the whole family    Make a strong bond with a single owner
  Prey Drive    small  average
  Health Issues    Mostly healthy dogs  Some health issues

Similarities Between Goldendoodles and Cockapoos

Goldendoodle standing outdoors in tall grass, trees and brush

Officially Pets mentions many similarities between Cockapoo and Groodles. Some of them are discussed below.

Playfulness – Both dog breeds are playful. The parent breed (poodle) gives both these breeds a playful nature. They love to show active gestures to their owner and enjoy the company of their people.

Trainability – Both the Goldendoodle and the cockapoo are highly trainable. They love their training period because they spend more time with their owners.

Watchdog Ability – These canines do not bother much about the security problem as they are usually busy playing. Therefore, they cannot be used as watchdogs.

Apartment Friendly – Both these pup breeds are adaptive and can adjust in a smaller space. They usually do well in an apartment because they love to stay indoors. However, you need to give them the necessary physical and mental stimulation to keep them healthy.

Shedding – These dogs are popular for hypoallergenic coats as they shed very little hair.

Coat – due to poodle genes, they have very analogous coats and care instructions. Their coats come in frizzy, wavy, and straight variations. You can choose the one that suits you the most.

Grooming – Both the Goldendoodle and the cockapoo need regular grooming to be healthy and clean. If you don’t have enough time for their grooming, you may even need a professional groomer.

Health Issues – Both these dogs can suffer from diseases if they are subject to unfavorable conditions. Common diseases of these canines are hip and elbow dysplasia, arthritis, and skin allergies.

Cost – Cockapoos can cost as low as $900 and as high as $2,500. The same rule applies to the price of a Cockapoo as it does the Goldendoodle. However, do your research before committing to a breeder.

What is Better about a Goldendoodle?

Goldendoodle running on a sandy beach with a tennis ball in its mouth

Both are people-oriented, Goldendoodles tend to be more family-oriented than Cockapoo. This is because the latter likes to stick specifically to just one owner. Goldendoodles are also known for being used as service and therapy dogs. 

These gentle and loving canines are popular among families and do well with other pets. The large size and teddy bear looks give them extraordinary attention in the house.

What is Better about a Cockapoo?

Cockapoo sitting at a wildflower lined path

Cockapoos require minimal exercise (about 15 minutes per day) to stay happy and healthy. This is why this breed is a much better alternative if you have a hectic routine. However, these pups like performing tasks to keep their minds stimulated. Their mini size makes them the perfect cuddle partner.

Who Should Get a Goldendoodle?

White Goldendoodle laying on a bright blue couch

Space, the willingness of family, and financial viability are the most important factors for getting a dog. Goldendoodles come in 3 different sizes (mini, standard, and large) and the space they require will depend on their size. Hence, you may need an outdoor setup to cater to a larger dog.

However, if you have gone for a miniature Groodle, indoor space will be sufficient. These canines are very active and you should only go for them if you can fulfill their exercise needs.

Who Should Get a Cockapoo?

Cockapoo handing its head out of a car window

Cockapoo can be the perfect choice if need a dog for a small family. Although cockapoo is an owner-oriented breed, they can socialize with other family members as well. If kids are present in the home, talk to your breeder about individual puppy personalities. They can live in small apartments and don’t mind staying indoors. This four-legged companion is a perfect addition to your family because it can elevate your mood by his/her adorable actions.

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