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Goldendoodle vs. Sheepadoodle

Side by side photos of a Goldendoodle and a Sheepadoodle joined diagonally in the middle with the letters VS in the center as to say "Goldendoodle versus Sheepadoodle"

Poodles are at the top of the pack when it comes to brainy dog breeds. Both Goldendoodle and Sheepadoodles carry this characteristic and that’s why they can be the best choice for most people. These hybrid breeds are very popular owing to their friendly nature, hypoallergenic coat, intelligence, and physical appearance.

Are you confused about which of these breeds is more suitable for you? Keep reading as it may help you to come up with an answer.


Goldendoodle laying outdoors in grass

Monica Dickens, the great-granddaughter of Charles Dickens, crossed Poodles and Golden retriever in 1969 to develop Goldendoodles. They come in three sizes, standard, medium, and mini. Teacup Goldendoodles are very tiny and expensive canines.

Goldendoodle is a perfect four-legged addition to your family, especially if your family loves to go on adventures. This intelligent pup loves to please its family and be a part of everything.


Sheepadoodle standing on a dock over water

This dog breed was bred by mixing English sheepdog and Poodle. This Newfoundland-style dog doesn’t shed hair and is hypoallergenic. This strain often takes its black-and-white fur coat from the Old English Sheepdog. However, the quality of their hair is different from their parents. These canines have beautiful features owing to them, they are in demand.

Differences Between Goldendoodle and Sheepadoodle

LoveYourDog indicates a handful of differences between both these doodle breeds and the most common ones among them are listed below.

Parents  Golden retriever and poodleOld English Sheepdog and a Poodle
Height  14-23 inches16-24 inches
Weight  20-60 pounds55-80 pounds
Temperament Friendly, intelligent, and playfulSmart, loving, and goofy
Health AverageAbove average
Lifespan 10-15 years12-15 years
Colour  Golden, Irish cream, white, red, or blackWhite, black, or sometimes grey

Similarities Between Goldendoodle and Sheepadoodle

Sheepadoodles and Goldendoodles can be great companions. LoverDoodle, suggests that both of these breeds will reward you with years of hugs and pleasure. The following are some similarities between these breeds.

Attention Seeking Nature – Both doodles are attention seekers. Their owner must give quality time to make them happier and healthier. These breeds are highly trainable and love to entertain their owners and get admiration for a job well done.

Training Time – They enjoy training times owing to their energetic disposition. These breeds build a strong bond with their owners during this period. They feel so good when they learn a new trick and repeat that trick to entertain their masters.

Close up of a Sheepadoodle outdoors in a garden

Hypoallergenic Coat – Sheepadoodles and Goldendoodle shed very little hair. In fact, they are one of the best when we talk about hypoallergenic coats. This thing makes them the most popular among human beings.

Grooming – Both of these doodle breeds need the same amount of grooming to look as healthy as adorable. You should brush them daily to avoid tangles in their hair. There are special dog cleaning kits that can help you to make them clean and groomed.

Health Conditions – These canines have less community as compared to pure breed because they are designer breed. However, this problem can be addressed with ease. The common diseases from which these crossbreeds suffer are Elbow and Hip Dysplasia, Cancer, Skin and Eye Allergies, and heart diseases.

Socialization – Sheepadoodle and Goldendoodle are equally socializing. They have no fear for newer faces and love to greet. 

What is Better about Goldendoodles?

a Goldendoodle walking up a rocky path on a hill

Goldendoodles come in multiple sizes, teacup size to mini, and mini to standard. This variation in size makes this breed extremely feasible for all kinds of people. The color of their furry coat makes them even more special than any other dog.

Goldendoodles are smaller than Sheepadoodles, and Groodles can live in small apartments. Likewise, Goldendoodles are affordable as compare to Sheepadoodles.

What is Better about Sheepadoodles?

Sheepadoodle standing near a body of water

According to Oodle Life, Sheepadoodles is relatively a new Doodle Breed. It is gaining impetus and admiration as a designer dog. Goldendoodles are mainstream already, filling homes with their bright personalities, but Sheepadoodles are big dogs that love to run around, play, and attach with their owner. Active people are curious to spend time with new dog breeds and enjoy their stamina.

Sheepadoodles tend to stay very calm and become wonderful family members due to their kind soul. Although they love to play and run around, they do not need a lot of exercise.

Who Should Get a Goldendoodle?

Goldendoodle laying in grass outdoors in a garden

Goldendoodles are adaptive and love to adjust to all kinds of environments. We Love Doodles mentions that they can live in big yards as well as small apartments. They need a diet that will keep them strong and full of energy. Dry food, which is high in protein and healthy fats, can be a good alternative to keep them fit. It can also be used to remove plaque from their teeth.

Goldendoodles are very active and love to go on hikes. Similarly, they enjoy swimming, playing in their yard, running for the ball, and doing any other activity. If you can afford these things and give them good food and exercise, then Goldendoodles are a perfect match for you.

Who Should Get a Sheepadoodle?

Sheepadoodle standing in a yard with a grey house in the background.

Sheepadoodles are less active as compared to Groodles. If you are relatively active but want more of a low-key pooch, this is the breed you need. Sheepadoodles live in big yards and love to walk and run on the grass. Likewise, they like to play tug-of-war and fetch games with their favorite person. You can enjoy the innocent looks and lovable feats of this designer breed if you have the time and money.

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