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How to Groom a Standard Poodle?

Standard white poodle standing in a grass area

Most poodles have a dense, curly, or wavy coat that grows continuously. When poodles shed hair, they are stuck in the coat which can result in painful mats and tangles. Grooming not only helps in avoiding mats but also plays a vital role in making your poodle’s coat healthy. Hence, it is important for owners to either hire a trained groomer or learn how to groom a standard poodle.

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How to Groom a Standard Poodle at Home?

Love to Know explains that the coat of a poodle needs frequent brushing to prevent it from matting. The following is a step-wise guide to groom a standard poodle at home.

Gather Materials

You will need some important tools (according to his/her size) for grooming your poodle. Some of the most essential tools are listed below.

  • A set of clippers with blades
  • A can of Cool Lube (this lube is used to clean and cool the blades)
  • Scissors (only for experienced owners)
  • Brushes
  • A comb

Groom the Head

Close up standard white poodle's face with its hair pulled up in a rubber band.
  • Hold the muzzle softly and comb the topknot hair from rear to forward of your pup’s head.
  • Gently trim the hair in a straight line by pulling them forward and be careful while trimming around the eyes.
  • By using a comb, take the topknot back to the skull from the front of your poodle’s head. Then, trim the hair in a straight line. Repeat this process on each side of the topknot.
  • Now, fluff up the hair and gently set out the shape and trim the hair of your pup.
  • However, if you don’t want a topknot, you can simply shave the top head of your pup. Normally, blade number 10 is used for this purpose because it gives a cleaner look.

Trim the Face

  • Hold the muzzle to make the head of your poodle steady (while he/she is facing towards you).
  • Then, cut some hair from the nose towards the eyes by using a clipper (blade number 10).
  • Clip the whole top half of the muzzle.
  • Now, go after with gentle strokes from the corner of the eyes towards the beginning of each ear bend. This will create a line from the eye to the ear and make a V shape.
  • After that, trim the hair to the ear bend. Don’t forget the V shape, and repeat the process for the other side.
  • Cut the hair on the part of the neck and beneath the muzzle by using clippers. Make sure your poodle doesn’t nick his/her tongue out.
  • Lastly, trim a small between the eyes where the muzzle and head join.

Groom the Ears

This grooming can be done by brushing the ears and trimming the hairs elegantly around the edges. You can also shave the hairs to your desire length instead of trimming. If possible, remove the hair from inside the ear canal (with scissors). Not only will this increase air transmission, but it will also help in avoiding infections.

Trim the Body

White poodle being clipped with pet clippers at groomers
  • Use a 5 or 7F blade and clip your pup from the rear to the back of his/her skull.
  • Gently clip through the ribs from the topline to eliminate the side hair efficiently. Be careful while cutting around a dog’s nipples.
  • Now, use a blade 10 to clip the hair in the direction of growth and clean the chest to belly portion of your poodle.

Groom the Legs and Feet

  • Start by brushing the hair rising to ruffle it out.
  • Then, trim it and establish a cylinder that combines hair of the body at the shoulders with hips. Repeat the same process for the other legs.
  • For feet, use scissors or blade 10 and clip beside the underneath skin of the foot.
  • Then, carefully scoop out the hair which are between the toes by spreading them.
  • In the end, trim the top of the foot where the ankle of your pup meets with its feet. Do the same procedure for the other feet.

Trim the Tail

  • Clip the hair from the bottom of the tail to the middle by using a blade 10.
  • Then, collect the long hair and screw it firmly. Cut them only about one inch over the tip of the tail. Shaking the tail can make a rough circle that can be shaped into a “pom”.

How Often Should You Groom a Standard Poodle?

Tan poodle having hair on paws trimmed with red timmers

Most poodles need to be groomed every 6 weeks. However, some pups may go on without a cut for a little longer. Therefore, a standard poodle will require grooming every 6 to 8 weeks (depending upon different factors). Some of these factors are as follows.

  • How quickly does the hair grow again?
  • What is the desired length of your dog’s coat?
  • Does your poodle like to brush him/her frequently?
  • Type of your poodle
  • Age of your poodle

How Long Does it Take To Groom a Standard Poodle?

Generally, it takes 3 to 4 hours to groom a standard poodle, but it may vary depending upon the services. For example, when it comes to bathing, trimming, and brushing a standard poodle, it can be done in 2-3 hours. However, the complete grooming (which includes bath, brush, full cuts,  bells, and whistles) of a poodle can take up to 5 hours. Similarly, an adult poodle can have a puppy cut in 2-3 hours while a show cut takes 4 hours.

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