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How To Groom a Yorkie with Long Hair

Long haired Yorkie being brushed

Everyone needs a haircut!!

As cute as Yorkies are, their hair grows continuously. That means that you need to groom or cut their hair back. This grooming helps your Yorkie look his or her best as well as keeping their hair out of their eyes.

The way to groom a Yorkie properly is to make sure you have all the right tools. You will need clippers, scissors, nail cutters, a comb, and plenty of treats to get the job done.

Once the job is done, you can put ribbons and bows in their hair to add to their cuteness factor.

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Can I Use Human Clippers on My Yorkie?

It is recommended that you do not use this tool to trim your dog’s fur. The reason being is that dog hair and human hair are different. The human clippers are designed to cut human hair, not the different textured dog hair.

You can use this if you want, but you may end up pulling your Yorkie’s hair out, and that is not going to be a good experience for your pet. If you are going to groom your dog yourself, then you should invest in a good electric dog clipper.

The adjustable speeds and the sharp teeth will make short work of those long hairs. Then when you buy your pair of dog clippers, make sure they come with number 4, number 4F, or number 5FC blades.

Those blades are best for a Yorkie’s fine, silky hair. Other dog breeds will need different blade numbers to match up with their type of fur. While you can use human clippers on your Yorkie, it is not the best option to go with.

Yorkies may have hair that is similar to a human’s hair, but that similarity is not permission to go with human clippers. Stick with clippers made for dogs to get the best results and provide the best experience for your pup.

Can I Cut My Yorkie Hair Myself?

Yorkie getting a haircut

Yes, you can but be forewarned, it can take some time to cut your Yorkie’s hair. Especially when it is your first time. The trick is to go slowly until you master cutting your dog’s fur. You can pick up speed as your skill level increases.

The things to do when you cut your Yorkie’s hair yourself are as follows:

  • Have The Right Tools on Hand- Clippers, scissors, comb, etc. Make sure the blades are sharp.
  • Brush Your Dog’s Hair First- This will make cutting easier as you get the tangles and mattes out first. Clippers can get bogged down in those knots and make the experience for your pet less than enjoyable. Use scissors to cut out the mattes, etc.
  • Watch How You Cut- There are sensitive areas on your dog that they may not like being trimmed. But you have to do it. Be careful around the groin, ears, and eyes.
  • Do The Easiest Cut First- The easiest cut is the shortest one. This takes your dog’s fur down about as far as you should go. It is just a matter of letting the clippers cut almost all the fur off. You can do other cuts once you gain confidence and skill in cutting your dog’s hair.

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How To Groom Your Yorkie with Long Hair

Long haired Yorkie on a white background with grooming tools

There are some simple steps to follow when it is time to clean your dog up and give them a nice fresh look.

Brush Your Pet

This should be done on a weekly basis but if that is not done, brush your dog first. As you brush, get the tangles and mattes out with the brush or the scissors.

Clip Those Nails

Do these one at a time and one paw at a time. Just do not cut the quick. At the same time, clean their ears, so your pup does not get an ear infection. Also, trim those ear, face, and paw hairs at this time.

Person trimming the hair between a Yorkie's eyes

Cut Their Hair

Take your time and go slowly. You want your dog to be not afraid or make sudden moves. Be careful around those sensitive areas.

Bathe Your Dog

This is always the last step, as you shouldn’t bathe your dog when he or she has tangles or mattes. Make sure to dry your Yorkie completely before letting them wander around your home.

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Some Final Words

Long haired Yorkie with a pink bow in her hair laying on a piece of white fur material

Grooming your dog takes skill and practice. As you continue to do it, you will get better at it and go faster. Just make sure not to scare your dog when you groom them, as it may be harder to get them to sit still the next time.

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