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How To Train a Yorkie Puppy to Potty

Yorkie puppy sitting on a mat outdoors

There are key steps to follow; the Yorkie dog breed is a bit different from other dog breeds. It is a tiny dog, and handle with care is an essential motto when you buy one. They may have big personalities, but their bodies do not match up with those personalities.

When you are potty training, you should have a regular feeding schedule, make sure your dog gets outside a lot, and closely monitor them, so they get to their bathroom spot on time.

It takes patience to potty train any dog breed, and Yorkies are no exception.

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What Is the Easiest Way to Potty Train A Yorkie?

The easiest way to train your small dog is to start as soon as you get him or her home. There is no minimum age level when to start the training, and the younger, the better.

With the right training, you can have your Yorkie housebroken within 2 months. That is if your dog is cooperative. Some Yorkies will take longer to train as they do tend to get a little stubborn and want to do things their way.

The easiest methods will be litter training, paper training, or pee pad training. These options allow your pet to go to the bathroom whenever they feel the urge. They do not have to wait till you get home.

And as they get older, you can move those items closer to the door until your Yorkie learns to go outside and do their thing. Make sure that when you use these easy methods, to praise and reward your little dog when they get it right.

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How Do I Get My Yorkie to Stop Peeing in The House?

Yorkie puppy standing on hard wood

This will take some work, but it can be done. The first thing to do is to use your potty-training skills and train them to go outside. Most larger dogs learn this method, and it takes a little patience as you have to start with inside training to get them to go outside.

Make sure to pick a lone potty spot and lead them to that spot every time they have to go. Don’t forget to create a command they can learn easily, so they know when it is time to go outside.

Another way to do this is to take your dog outside for walks or exercise regularly. Then when your dog goes outside at the right spot, reward and praises him or her.

Also, you should take them outside just before bedtime and as soon as they wake up in the morning. Both times are critical and can avoid accidents in the house. Don’t forget to thoroughly clean the accidents when they happen inside.

Use bleach or some other strong cleaner to wipe away the odor. Since dogs like to pee in the same spot, removing the odor removes that pee spot. Finally, you can use repellent products.

These come in spray form, and you can spray them wherever you do not want your dog to pee, etc. These are safe to use and should help your dog learn where he or she should do their business.

At What Age Should a Yorkie Be Housebroken?

yorkie sitting in a window sill

If you bring your dog home at 2 months of age, then you have little time to work with it. Some experts state that the Yorkie should be housebroken at 3 months or 12 weeks.

However, this is not always possible as some Yorkies take longer to learn their potty-training lessons, and they may not be housebroken until they are 7 months old.

This is normal, and nothing is really wrong with your pet if they take a little longer to learn. Generally, it takes 2 months to train most Yorkies, so by the time they learn, they may be 4 months old.

But each Yorkie is different, and yours may take longer to learn, or they may be faster. It also depends on your training methods as well. Some dogs do not respond to negative training very well, so they may just take longer out of spite.

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Some Final Words

Yorkie laying in grass outdoors with flowers in the background

House-breaking, your Yorkie, is going to be a lot like every other dog breed. They need time to learn. Providing positive reinforcement may speed up the process somewhat but just be patient when your dog takes a little longer than normal.

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