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How To Get Rid of Fleas on A Yorkie

Yorkie puppy sitting on a green bed

Unfortunately, size does not stop fleas. In fact, your Yorkie’s smaller size probably makes them a better target for fleas than a large dog would. They are built low to the ground, which makes it easier for the fleas to leap onto your pet and find a nice home in their long fur.

Not all scratching indicates your dog has fleas but just in case, search your dog anyways. If you find fleas, you can use those over-the-counter medications for fleas like Advantage or Frontline.

Those medications should be safe in the right amount for your little pet. Keep reading to find out more ways to get rid of those fleas that bother your little dog.

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How Do I Know If My Yorkie Has Fleas?

Yorkies may be small, but they are prone to get fleas like any other dog breed. Also, just like any other dog breed, the signs that they have fleas are the same as larger dogs. Here are some of those signs:

Always Scratching

While not always a sign of fleas, your dog will itch when fleas are present, and they will scratch a lot. If you see your Yorkie scratching more than usual, then check for fleas.


The same information applies here. Dogs will bite themselves for any number of ailments. If you see your dog biting himself, then check for fleas first.

Behavior Change

Close up portrait of a Yorkie Puppy

All dogs will act differently when they have fleas. So watch how they act, and if you see a change, it may be due to a flea infestation.

Red Marks

Fleas will leave bite marks that are not hard to find. Those bite marks can get infected, and when you see those red dots, it is time to treat your pet for fleas.

Flea Dirt

Another good sign that your Yorkie has fleas. Instead of being red, the flea dirt is a black color and looks like pepper has been sprinkled over your dog.

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What Kills Fleas on Yorkies?

Dead fleas on a white background

There are numerous ways to kill fleas when they get onto your pet. One of the best ways will be to buy an over-the-counter flea medication designed to kill fleas. Just be sure to buy the package that is for Yorkie or similar-sized dogs.

Another good option will be a good flea shampoo. Not all flea shampoos are good, but the bath water will help get rid of the fleas anyways. But going for a good shampoo means it may work long after the soap has been washed off.

Next, try a flea collar. These may not prevent fleas from jumping onto your dog, but they will kill them once they are on. These collars will also protect against ticks giving your little pet double protection.

There is a product that attaches you to the dog’s collar. It is called a medallion, and all it does is hang there nicely while killing fleas for up to 4 months. Even a good bath will help kill fleas if you can’t afford any of these commercial products.

But these products are the best when it comes to this issue. You can try natural methods, but they may not be as effective as these products.

Where Do Fleas Hide on Yorkies?

Yorkie sitting in grass

Fleas will hide in the long fur near their food supply. That means that they will be down close to your dog’s body. You will have to separate the individual hairs to get a good look at where those fleas have made their home.

In general, fleas will hide near the base of the neck and often near the base of the tail. They pick hard to get to spots which makes it difficult for your pet to get rid of them.

However, fleas can travel, and they can be found in different spots on your Yorkie’s body. The best thing to do is to spray their whole body with anti-flea sprays or natural remedies.

That way, you can get all the flea’s hiding spots and get rid of the eggs and larvae as well. When treating your dog for fleas, do not leave one area untreated.

Some Final Words

Yorkie laying across a dog bed

Getting rid of fleas on a Yorkie is the same as getting rid of fleas on any other dog breed. The best way to do this is to prevent fleas from reaching your dog. Treat your home, your carpets, furniture, their bedding, and yours, as well as your outside yard

The fewer fleas you have around, the less likely your dog will get fleas. Also, watch out when other animals enter your yard or meet your dog at the park. They may have fleas. Bathe your dog as the first defense measure.

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