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Should I Let My Frenchie Sleep with Me?

White Frenchie puppy laying on an unmade bed

Some French Bulldog owners sleep well. If you fall into this category, you probably don’t mind your Frenchie snoring keeping you awake all night. Because this is the most common reason why you should not allow your Frenchie to sleep in your bed. Keep reading to know whether Frenchies like to sleep in your bed and learn about an ideal sleeping place for these pups.

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Do French Bulldogs Like to Sleep in Your Bed?

While French bulldogs might not require as much energy to care for, they do want one thing: plenty of hugs and affection! Frenchies are naturally affectionate dogs. They may implore you to pay attention to them and may even imitate snoring to catch your attention.

Most of the time, a French bulldog will want to sleep in your bed since they want companionship. As a result, your French Bulldog will refuse your proposal that it sleeps alone on its bed. This is why many owners complain about Frenchies coming to their beds and not being able to respectfully stop them.

However, your French Bulldog will gradually learn to sleep on their bed if you keep putting some toys in their bed. Some people like sleeping with their pets in their beds, but this may not be the case for you. If this is the case, your best bet is to buy a bed for your Frenchie and position it next to yours.

Why You Should Let Your French Bulldog Sleep with You?

2 French Bulldogs laying on a bed with a woman who is petting them.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to share a bed with your Frenchie. If you want your French Bulldog to sleep on your bed, chances are he does, too, because French Bulldogs thrive on human connection and affection. The following are the reasons why you should let your dog sleep with you.

Emotional Wellbeing

How protected you feel might affect how well you sleep. Recent research investigated how having a pet in bed affects women’s sleep quality and discovered that having a pet in bed made them feel safer and more comfortable.

After all, your dog’s basic instinct is to protect you. While this can be a concern for dogs who are extremely protective or sensitive, such as the French Bulldog, many people find that knowing their dog is guarding them enables them to sleep better.

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Separation Anxiety

Tan French Bulldog laying on a brown couch

Separation anxiety is a prevalent problem among French people. Unfortunately, separation anxiety can appear for a variety of causes. As a result, if your Frenchie’s anxiousness worsens, you may have to give in and provide them with the attention and security they require by cuddling up close to you at night.

The advantages that dogs may offer to those who are depressed have recently come under the spotlight of studies. According to this study, those who engaged in activities or got care from dogs often experienced fewer depressive symptoms. If that’s the case, think about how much better your depression may get if you slept next to a French bulldog and if just being around dogs can be therapeutic.

Why You Should Not Let Your French Bulldog Sleep with You?

Black French Bulldog laying on a plaid dog bed

It is entirely up to you whether you allow your French Bulldog to sleep on your bed. If you are a deep sleeper, you may not be concerned about your Frenchie’s snoring keeping you up all night. Yet, it’s vital to remember, though, that not only may Frenchies snore loudly, but they’re also renowned for farting in their sleep. Some reasons to prevent your French bulldog from sharing your bed are explained below.


One of the most annoying aspects of having a French Bulldog sleep on your bed is the hair they shed. Frenchies shed a lot, and are not hypoallergenic, contrary to common assumption. As a result, allergy sufferers may find them quite unpleasant. Hair gets everywhere, especially when your Frenchie likes to curl up beneath the covers.

When two French Bulldogs want to share your bed, hair becomes an even bigger issue. As a result, unless you want to wash your sheets every day to keep up with the hairy condition, keeping your Frenchie out of your bed may be preferable.


Black French Bulldog laying in a burgundy dog bed

Frenchies are infamous for snoring, and once they start, the noise can be deafening. Unless you are completely deaf, snoring will keep you awake all night. Parents of Frenchies are well aware of how loud particular Frenchies may snore while fast asleep. While loud snoring is perfectly natural for some people, who may sleep through it or even be comforted by it, it can rapidly wake up others. Hence, before making a selection, examine the intensity of your Frenchie’s snoring and whether it will be an issue.

Hygiene Concerns

Fecal remnants might slip off and be discovered in your bed when you least expect it, or your Frenchie could drag its buttocks over the white linens. The truth is that your French Bulldog might introduce additional bacteria into your clean bed. Yet, the harmful bacteria, viruses, and parasites that your French Bulldog may introduce into your bed put you at risk for sickness and illness when you sleep with them. Ultimately, these hygiene concerns should be enough to prohibit your Frenchie from sleeping in your bed.

Where Should a French Bulldog Puppy Sleep?

White and black French Bulldog puppy laying on a persons legs

It should be a cozy, comfortable spot, elevated above the ground. You can put an item of your clothing here. Puppies have an extremely high sense of smell, which helps them feel connected to you. Some French Bulldog puppies enjoy sleeping with special soft toys that may be purchased at puppy stores. Puppies of French bulldogs are cute. They’re small and sociable, making them great companions for youngsters and adults. They can also sleep with their owners to feel safer.

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